Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Midway Through Week 2

Today wasn't a real eventful day--it was not quite as fabulous as yesterday was, but such is life. Today my sister and I didn't get to have our synchronized naps, just because we had repair men here. So while the termite guys were drilling, my sister was able to sleep. We just didn't get much done today-- not much more than the radiation and the working out. The guy in the work-out room keeps me working on the treadmill and a few other machines. I am probably working out more now than I have in several years. The positive sides of cancer. I just got a cool book that helped my brother-in-law, Ron, get through his experience with cancer. It's called Love, Medicine and miracles...and I think it will be a good book--very positive. A friend told me today that cancer is the most PRIORITIZING disease of all. It helps you sort out what is really important, and all the silly things we get caught up in--getting caught up in the "thick of thin things." Anyway...just a quick update. Tomorrow is round 2 of chemo. Hopefully things will go well.


  1. Dear Louise, I am so happy you are doing these blogs so I can keep up with your progress from Chico. I am glad to hear that you are napping and also doing some workout sessions! When I was going through daily radiation, I wanted to feel as normal as possible so doing the everyday stuff keeps you feeling a sense of normalcy, but then you need to let yourself accept the not-so-normal experiences you are going through and give in to the rest and extra help that you need. Your friends and family are wonderful-you have such giving people around you to help and comfort you! Many prayers and cheers for your progress! Love, Terri

  2. Hope all went well with your chemo today Louise. Just one more session and you'll be half way through it!.... But, you probably don’t need anyone to remind you of that:)

  3. Hi Sister Price,
    It is Melanie (Sterzer) Christensen! My mother-in-law Beth gave me your blog today! She also told me about the what you are going thru a couple of weeks ago. I wrote you a card and you have been in my prayers the moment I heard--but I just found the card today on my desk!!! So sorry it didn't get in the mail box yet! I will send it tomorrow! I have 5 boys now--and life gets crazy. I want you to knwo that I sure LOVE you and your sweet family. I have very good memories of my growing up years in AZ in your ward and also how you had Brad and I over for dinner when we were first married. It was so fun--because we were both expecting baby boys around the same time:) Anyway--I am so happy that you have a blog and we can keep in touch! You are in my prayers and heart! Sending my love and cheering you on from Tennessee:) xoxo