Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Night

Wow--I'm hoping that tomorrow is the beginning of a
new and improved" week! Today hasn't been too bad--it's just that all I do is sleep. I put Rip Van Winkle to shame! I have crazy, weird dreams to go along with that sleep. I guess my mom gave me the ability to sleep anywhere or when I need it, like now, I'm able to do it. :)

My favorite sacrament meeting of the whole year at church is when our Primary (children's organization) puts on the whole sacrament meeting. The kids give talks, recite scriptures, tell stories, and sing songs. It is just the best--there are always classically cute and funny moments--tender moments and moments when the Spirit of the Lord is so strong that you are moved to tears. That was today...and I wanted to go so badly. Finally I decided that I was just not well enough to do that, especially being on this special feeder. However, I have cried for the last few days, wanting to be there so badly. Well, I didn't go, but my family came home and told me all about it. But the greatest moment was when friends of mine who work in Primary came over with a DVD, featuring the kids singing the theme song for me...and then yelling at the end, "We love you, Sister Price!" I couldn't have been given a sweeter gift. I cried...and laughed. What a blessing to be among dear people who care so much, and who give such gifts of the heart. I am richly blessed. :)


  1. I loved reading about the DVD, Louise. What a sweet thing for your friends and the Primary children to do. Another "tender mercy."

    Surely all the extra sleep is a GOOD thing ... you are sleeping so your body can put full effort into getting well. So, sleep on!

  2. Yes, I agree with Suzy.. SLEEP AWAY. Sleep is what regenerates and renews the body AND the spirit...You MUST just let your body talk.. everyone will do everything for you...this is your time to take care of yourself!!! Also the story about the DVD is BEYOND cute.. that is so touching. I can just see all those sweet sincere little faces... BIG HUG Louise.. I would like to call this week but never know when is a good time? Love you, Sue

  3. You have earned all the love, Louise.

  4. The DVD is glad they brought primary to 8267!

  5. How awesome of the primary to make the DVD for you! Such thoughtful, sweet people. I'm praying that you will have a better week.

    Lots of love,

  6. We missed you yesterday, Weezy. Hope this is a better week for you.
    Lindy Lou

  7. What a thoughtful gift! We had our Primary program yesterday also. I am the music leader and my goodness the children sang their hearts out! I wish you could have heard ours too. And I had all the emotions you talked about.