Tuesday, September 21, 2010

From Laura

Hi. This is Louise's sister, Laura. I thought I'd write again now that we are well into this cancer journey with Louise. Each day I talk to her, I hear a strong woman with an amazing attitude. She is so funny, laughing her way through this experience. She's feisty. Fighting her way through each carnation drink, longing for pasta, cookie dough and more chips and bread. She's faithful. Prioritizing her prayers, visits to church and to the temple over everything else. She's a stud. Working out more consistently than ever before. All of this stalwart behavior might have us fooled. She's fighting for her life and it is a tiring sport. She has always loved to nap. Now, she needs to rest. In between treatments, tube feedings, workouts, and being a mom and a wife, she needs to take it slow.

So, let me make a few friendly suggestions for any of us who are eager (that's ALL of us!) to help Louise. Let's seek to be wise in our offer of help. What we want to do might not be what she needs. For example, if you want to see Louise, please call first and ask what would work for her schedule. It is best to visit when convenient for her. And, try to keep your visit short! Louise loves people, and she'll push on, but often needs to chill or nap. If you want to bring a meal, it is best to call her friend Candace Hazar, and schedule with her several days in advance. Candace’s phone number is 480-948-0555. Her email is Louise often has out of town visitors (family and friends) who are cooking meals. Some nights, Kelsey wants to cook dinner as a way to support her mom. Meals are great, but three on one night is tough for 3 people to consume (remember, Louise is not eating real food --boo hoo).

The good news is that each day we can do real tangible things for Louise: read and COMMENT on her blog, write her a card (she loves cute and funny cards), say a prayer, send a text. This might be enough. Louise is busy focusing on fighting this disease. Let's continue to do all we can to help.

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  1. Sage advice, Laura. Louise has earned so many friends who just want to help and make it all better. Thank you for letting people know the best ways to help Louise.