Saturday, May 12, 2012

Great News and Happy Mother's Day!

Well, my great news is that I had another pet scan last Monday, and got the results yesterday. I am still "clean as a whistle!" No Cancer, no nothing! I don't have to have another pet scan for a whole year!! Aren't I lucky and blessed and relieved and happy? Yes, all those things. As I waited for the doctor to come in (it seemed like it took forever), I tried to psych myself up to handle whatever bad news he might bring...and he told me right off, that everything looked great. Whenever we're waiting for news like that, Spence and I are a bundle of nerves, so we are definitely relieved and very grateful. I guess that whenever you have had a disease (especially like cancer), the possibility of it coming back is always kind of hanging over you. So, for now, we just have an awful lot to be grateful for. I haven't written in here for so long. Isn't it funny, how when things are going along pretty well, we don't write, but then when things get bad, we seem to focus on them, and share the bad things. Let me tell you some of the things I am grateful for right now. First of all, I have a husband, who sincerely cares about me. He was probably more nervous than I was about getting this news...and he was so happy to hear my news. He has his own health challenges, and yet, he cares very deeply about me. What a guy! Kelsey, my daughter, came home from BYU about 3 weeks ago. It is nice to have her home, and especially for our son, Brady, who loves to spend time with her. They harass each other unmercifully, but actually really enjoy being together. Kelsey completed her freshman year at BYU, so that's a huge accomplishment. SHe is here for the summer and working every day...but still she helps with errands and things I need done. It is so nice to have her home. Brady has one more week of school himself, and then he will have completed his freshman year of high school. He plays basketball for the YMCA, and does a great job. He is my favorite player to watch! (actually I like watching Steve Nash too!). Katie has one more semester (well, she is taking a couple of classes this summer) in the fall, and then she is a college graduate. We are so proud of her...and proud of her good husband, Cody, who works so hard at school and work. He is a great guy! Jodie is going to be in another play--she works with this woman who puts on plays with handicapped adults. They are such an inspiration to go to, and believe me, you have never seen more enthusiastic actors and actresses than they are!! They are totally into whatever play they are doing! Brian and keri have the cutest boys--we love to see them on skype, and know they are doing well. Emily and Michael are about to move into a new home, and they just celebrated their son's 1st birthday. We loved skyping with them on his birthday--he loves books and cars, and he loved opening those gifts!! What a cutie! How thankful I am that Heavenly Father blessed me with 6 children--and now 3 "in-laws" and 3 grandsons! A year ago when I was recovering from surgery and a crazy year the year before, it wasn't always easy to see how blessed I have been--but now it is easier to see, and I am truly grateful. I hope all my children know that I am thankful for them, as we approach Mother's Day. I am thankful also for the many women in my life who have been amazing examples as mothers, or who have mothered me when I needed it. I couldn't have done what I have been able to do without their strength and examples. May all the mothers out there be blessed to know that they truly are doing a wonderful work--that has more impact than any other job out there. You are terrific! I will include a few pictures of my favorite people. Enjoy, and have a wonderful day!