Friday, September 10, 2010

3rd Round of CHemo--halfway through!

I was going to write in here last night, but it was so late, that I knew I would get all sorts of motherly reminders that I should be in bed instead! Let me tell you about my day of chemo. I came home and slept for 3 whole hours--totally out! But then it was like I was the energizer bunny--I had so much energy, felt great, and couldn't sleep last night. I was that wired a week ago--don't know what's in that stuff they give me, but wow, it really does something to me. At about 12:45, I took an Ambian to help me sleep, but it was pretty crazy.

Last night it was just the 4 of us home. We had the best time. We had pizza and salad (actually I watched THEM eat the pizza and salad--I think salad is now becoming my most-desired food...even over cookie dough. It looks so healthy and good, and no matter how hard we try it does NOT go through my feeding tube!) While we were cleaning up, Kelsey put on some music, and we were dancing around. I felt great! I thought that we need to do this more often--we always think we have something more important to do, but really we need to take more time just to celebrate each other and the good moments. Then last night the 4 of us watched "National Treasure 2" and had a great time. What a wonderful evening. So, maybe cancer makes you a little less concerned with what "has" to be done, so you can enjoy the "little things," which really are the BIG things. I love Kelsey and Brady--they are so good to me, and fun to have around...except when they are acting like normal teenagers (you can't be good all the time, can you?) I'm going to include some pictures--too bad we didn't take any last night, because we were really "rocking out."

I am done with radiation for another week--WOO HOO!! I seem to be doing better. I am able to swallow more things, and that is very encouraging. Keep the emails and comments coming--I just love them.


  1. Why does it always have to take cancer or something terrible to remind us what is most important. It's the people around us. I'm so glad you guys rocked out last night. Hope you get to swallow more lettuce? soon. :) Love you!

  2. I'm so glad you are able to take time to have fun and enjoy the little spontaneous pleasures life offers. Picturing you all dancing around makes me smile. It is important to live fully in the present moment, especially in times of trial. If you didn't have the bitter, the sweet wouldn't be as good, right? Sending love...