Thursday, September 16, 2010

4th Chemo Day

Ok--so here are some pictures of me and my younger sister, Laura...and also with my daughters, Kelsey and Emily (Em is our blonde...and is married and lives in Utah.) In fact, check out the side bar--it had to be edited, because our first family picture didn't include Emily's wonderful husband, Michael, or the star of our family--our first grandson, Logan. So now you can check out all those pictures...and start to get to know our family.

Thursday is quite the day. I had to have my PICC line cleaned out at 8:00, radiation at 8:30, and then chemo at 9:00. We got home about 1:00 p.m. After having one of my very delicious instant breakfasts in the feeding tube, I took a 3-hour nap. I am so tired on these days..or at least I take incredibly long naps. However, then I feel great! I have so much energy, and feel fabulous. It's crazy! Suzy, my roommate, and Brady and I just had a great evening. We laughed a lot, watched some old Dick Van Dyke shows...and just were kind of acting off the wall. I feel wired--I think it's the steroids they give me. We think they're putting something else in those IVs besides chemo. I am like crazy woman. Spence comes to me at the end of my chemo session, and asked me if I had been filled with insecticides...and I told him that it was more like PESTacides! On Thursday mornings, he asks me if I'm ready to be poisoned. It is wonderful to have such a supportive, encouraging family. :)

On Thursday nights, I also have a hard time going to sleep...tonight I will take Ambian and see if that helps. The chemo lady also gave me a lower dose of steroids today--hopefully I won't get more nauseous, but maybe it will help me not be so wired. We even made banana bread for the radiation guys--they are really called Roxey and the Zappers! (Roxey is the only girl). One small problem--we left the sugar out--could be nasty bread, but we can't sample, since there are 3 loaves and 3 of them. We can't exactly slice one of the loaves--that would be so tacky!! SIGH...Well, that's about all you need ot know about my day. Love you all, Louise


  1. I'm not so sure I would give nasty bread with no sugar that looks delicious but isn' the people in charge of sending large doses of radiation into me on a weekly basis. Just sayin.

  2. Mel,
    Good point! WE did taste the dough, and it tasted just like normal--we may need to give it to them, with some kind of exemption clause--like take one bite at the risk of your life...(or maybe it's at the risk of MY life!)