Monday, May 5, 2014

Losing my "other" mother

Yesterday my mom's best friend and "sister" (since my mom had no siblings), Beverly Bennett, passed away. We have been getting emails from her niece, who has been extremely good about letting us know how Bev was doing. This is a huge loss in my life, and has caused me lots of time to reflect about the impact of people in our lives. Bev was truly a wonderful person in our life. We called her "Aunt Bev," and loved her like she was family. When we had family reunions or weddings or any big celebrations, she was there, sharing with us. When my mother was unable to talk much, due to several mini-strokes, it was Bev who I could go to, and discuss family problems or issues. I appreciated her listening ear and her very caring heart. She would always express her love to me, and her concern for my siblings.

In 2008, I went back to Boston to be with Bev. I didn't really know much about my mother's life, and her growing-up years. Since Bev was there in so many of those times, she shared with me several places where my mom lived her early life. She also shared several stories, and even helped me label some pictures that my mom had taken. We went to schools she had been to, and saw many places in the Tewksbury area outside of Boston, where my mom had grown up. We even went to Wellesley where my mom went to college, and saw the dorms where she lived. It was a wonderful trip--so great to learn more about my mom, and so good to be able to spend time with Bev.

When I was going through my sickness, Bev was so good to check in with me, and make sure that I was doing all right. She was so loving. I will miss her a lot, even though I didn't get to see her much or talk to her much.
Thanks, Bev, for being there for me--for loving me and for being such a wonderful friend to my dear mother. You have blessed so many lives. Bev has been very active in her church and in many things in her community. She was a travel agent years ago, and arranged many trips for my mom and dad. She just went about doing good, and because of that she was deeply loved. Thank you, Bev, for being such a special person in my life. I love you and will miss you deeply.