Monday, September 27, 2010

My mom the super hero.

I don't think you all may know this but, MY mom is a super hero.
Through out her employment as my mother she has shown me that she possessed talents. And if you know anything about the rowdy bunch of children she had to raise oh man did she need them.

Her first talent is that of unwavering faith.
I have always admired my mothers dedication to church. She has stayed strong in the church even when it was hard. She has been one of my best examples for what a being a woman of Christ means, I know that she will be blessed for her faith. I know we as a family are able to be as strong as we are because she have raised us to rely on the Lord and to rely on each other. It is really a testimony to my mother that we have all been so close and handled this situation as well as we have. My testimony personally has grown so much from this experience. I have watched you mom as you have battled this cancer with faith (and chemo). You truly have angels around you, and you deserve it

Her next talent is her smile.
My mothers smile shines through her soul. And thanks to a loving husband who put her in braces, her smile shines as bright as she is. :) I kid mom! Growing up I could always hear my moms laugh from across the room, throughout a building, and even across the street! It is truly one of a kind. She always finds something to smile about and that is even true in this hard time. Cancer sucks. I think we can all agree, but my mother has been the most positive and happy patient the Virginia Piper Center(VPC) has ever seen. While I was home she was cracking jokes, lightening the mood, and making buddies with all the staff at the VPC. I am glad she has not lost her smile, i think she knows that cancer is what she has it is definitely not who she is!

My moms next power is her friends.
My mom makes friends where ever she goes. And I definitely did not always like that growing up. It meant we were always last to leave church, we were always stuck cleaning up after activities, it meant you should be prepared to stop for 15 minutes just about any where you go because mom will probably see someone she knows. But now I see that this should be viewed as a strength not a weakness. My mother is the best person I have ever met at keeping in touch. She writes letters, she writes updates, returns phone calls, and returns emails. And mom I want you to know that because you are such a good person and a good friend, that is why all these people are flocking to Arizona to be by your side. We all love you Mom. Every last one of your friends, whom you have been so diligent to and reliable for, is ready to help you and lift you up when you fall down. I am so thankful to those friends of her who have sent her E-mails, letters, made phone calls, made visits and even made dinners, or just kept her in your prayers. Your love and you sacrifice has been a great blessing to not only my mother, but to the whole family.

The final power is her love.
And if any of you are big harry potter fans you will know that love is the greatest power of all! It's what saves Harry from You Know Who.
Mom I know that your love for your family, for your friends, for your life, and for your Lord can save you from You Know What. Now I am going to take some liberties here with this quote from Dumbledore but here it is
"If there is one thing Cancer cannot understand, it is love. It doesn't realize that love as powerful as my mother has for others leaves its own mark."
Mom you have left a mark on my life, and the life of all those you touch, and cancer has only made this love stronger. I know you can make it, I know you can beat it! And just like Dumbledore you have an entire army of people fighting and cheering for you, just call us Louise's Army. I love you Mom.

"I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life." -- Abraham Lincoln
Please know Mom, that our prayers are following you now. I hope they cling to you for the rest of your life.


  1. I went to post on this blog tonight, and there was this great post from my daughter, Katie. She is 20 years old and is a junior at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. I was blown away by this post that she wrote...and was very touched. As usual, I cried--that is pretty typical of me. :) Thank you for the beautiful tribute, Katie. It means so much to me--and I'm sure I'll read and reread it several times. I love you very much, Mom
    P.S. I appreciate the comparisons to Harry Potter--that means I'm really in good company to be compared to Dumbledore, or to at least have him quoted. Love to you again!

  2. Amen to everything you wrote Katie! Your mom definitely is a "super hero" in my book. Thank you for this wonderful post.

  3. Katie - you made me cry too. My Aunt Louise has always been my "devoted" aunt. She always has cared so much and called and dropped notes and even wrote me all through my mission! Your words are so true Katie. I love you Louise.

  4. These are very thoughtful and inspiring words. And all true on top of that!

  5. What a beautiful tribute to you, Louise. And what a wonderful writer Katy is too. Thinking of you and praying for you....Love,Janet

  6. Mom- I thought that maybe after a day like you had yesterday you could use a pick me up. I really do love you and know we can beat this together! I couldn't resist making reference to Harry Potter! I am proud you knew who wrote this though :) with no help at all!!! I love you mom!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me soon!

  7. WHat a beautiful tribute! I loved reading it and couldn't agree more!!

  8. You are just like your Mom Louise. That's where you got it.

  9. I'd like to add that she had to have a lot of patience as well. That's how she put up with my teenage years.

    Thanks, Katie for writing what we were all thinking. If I would've wrote it just substitute Harry Potter with Star Wars and you're good to go.

    Mom- thank you for your example, your kindness, and your pateince. We are here for you and love you always.