Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day to the father of my children!

I think one of the things most of us are most guilty of is ingratitude. We take so many of our blessings for granted, and also take the people in our lives for granted. We just figure that they know how we feel, and that we are thankful for them...but we need to TELL them. So, tonight I am going to tell all of you how thankful I am for the husband that I have...and for the father that my children have. Spence is an awesome dad. He cares so much about his children and always has. When they were little, he was the one who worried that they might be cold at night. No matter how busy he was at work or at church, their welfare was always so important to him. He has always made it a priority to be at their games, or anything else they are involved in. When I was so sick, he really became the mom--taking them to doctor's or dentist's appointments, and going to meetings to make sure they were doing all right. One night when I was in the hospital, our teenage daughter had a very traumatic experience--he left early so he could help her through that tough time.

He has always taken us on family vacations. Our favorite place to go is the beach, and he is so much fun on the beach. Over the years, he has built many sand castles, and gone body surfing...and helped look for crawdads. I often sit and read on the beach--he is the one who makes it fun for everyone else. One of our kids' favorite things to do when we go to the beach is go grocery shopping with their dad--he buys them all the fun stuff that Mom never buys!! They love to go with him, because they know he will buy them practically anything they want!

Every year before they have started school, he gives them priesthood blessings--to help them with their school work, and with their friends, and with all the challenges that go with school. He cares about their homework, and is interested in their grades and how they're doing. They want to do well, because he has always motivated them to want to do well.

He continues to be a good dad, as they are older and have families of their own. He is very concerned with what is going on in their lives, and loves it when they call him, and tell him of something they have done, or something they might need help or advice with. He cares very much about them. He loves his 3 grandsons, and is so looking forward to having his very first granddaughter this fall!! She will steal his heart, just like his girls have! He is a source of encouragement and help as they go through their own challenges, and will do anything in his power to help them through tough times.

He has always been an example of honesty and integrity. His example has always spoken louder than his words, and his children have been blessed to have such a great man as their example. He loves them, he loves his Father in heaven, and he has always worked hard to serve and help others. I truly think he is probably one of the greatest examples they could ever have. So, if anyone DOES read this, please thank YOUR dad for whatever he has blessed your life with. I know that our family has been richly blessed because we have such an AWESOME dad. Thanks for everything, Spence! You are the best! :) I'm trying to find a picture, but am having a hard time!