Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

As usual, with my posts, I have hit a wrong button inadvertently, and lost everything I wrote earlier today. As I was saying my prayers last night, I felt impressed to write a tribute to my mother. My mother passed away in 2007, and I would like to pay tribute to her today--as well as let you all know a little bit about my mother. I have missed having a mother for several years now--even before she passed away, she wasn't able to communicate much because of a series of mini-strokes. So I have appreciated others who have mothered me over the years--my sisters, dear friends and other mother figures in my life. They have nurtured and comforted me like she did for so many years.
My mother was a very sweet and kind person. People were really drawn to her, just because she was so accepting and loving towards them all. She was not a judgmental or critical person. She was basically pretty quiet, although very warm and caring. She was a great listener--people who barely had met her would end up sharing a good deal of their life stories with her. I used to tease her that she would put anyone on her Christmas card list, because after she had met them, they were like her long-lost best friends. She taught our family a lot about how to be a friend. She was an only child, so friends became her family. She shared her friends with us--and so they became family to us also. My mother was great at keeping in touch with people.
My mom and dad loved music, especially jazz. Every year they had a great time at the Monterery Jazz festival...but they also  traveled with a guy who taught them more about jazz, and held different educational as well as music-filled conferences. Even when my mom had a hard time talking, she could still sing. She sang for years with choral groups, and some of my fondest memories of Christmas Eves was of her beautiful alto voice joining in with ours to sing Christmas carols. My mom truly gave me the gift of music.
My mother was an athlete. Learning about her high school days, she participated in a number of different sports--was never afraid to try new things. I remember ice skating with her one time, and she did amazingly well, while I just struggled to stand up!! One time we went hiking as a family in Monterey, and my mom was like a nimble goat, having no problem climbing on rocks and semi-rough terrain. She loved to be active and do many things. It was hard to watch her lose those abilities in her later years, due to a stroke that she suffered.
My mother didn't realize what a wonderful person she was, and often lacked the confidence that I wish she could have had. Still, she did not think of herself hardly at all, but did what she could to build her children and believe in us. That was an amazing gift, because each of us chose such different paths to follow. She was not perfect (that persons does not exist), but she was good and kind and loving...and I miss her.
It has been a good Mother's Day--I am thankful for my mother,and  for my wonderful mother-in-law, who was my best cheerleader ever since I married her son. I am also thankful for my children who made me a mother. Today I would also like to thank the 4 women who bore my first 4 children so that we could have a family. What a gift they gave to us, by giving us their children at a time when they couldn't take care of them. That is a double gift--from them and from our Father in Heaven. Truly I am blessed. I don't always count my blessings, but tonight I am. May you all be blessed, whoever you are--and however you "mother". You don't have to have children of your own to bless other peoples' lives. I have been so richly blessed by many who have cared for me, loved me and supported me. May this be a good year for all of us.