Thursday, September 2, 2010

Amazing experience in Radiation

Even though I had my second round of chemo today, my really cool experience happened during my radiation treatment. My sister, Kathy, actually came in with the "cancer zapper guys," who administer the radiation, and watched their monitors as I was going through the treatment. She obviously wasn't in the same room with me as I did it, but she was next door. She watched them get me ready for the treatment, which entails positioning me just right to make sure that the radiation goes in just the right spot. As with most medical procedures, I have lost all sense of modesty, and didn't mind them all being in there with me as I got ready. As I laid on that table, all by myself, having the big machine position itself over me, I had the most overpowering feeling of love come over me. It was like a tangible feeling, almost like a blanket, just swept over me. I know that part of it was due to the fact that kathy was right there. That just touched me so much...but it was more than that. I don't know how many of you were thinking of me right then or praying for me, or just feeling love for me, but I cried for a good part of that treatment because that feeling was so real to me. I just felt SO MUCH love. I was overcome and incredibly grateful. I wish I could hug all of you like i hugged my sister, and that you could feel the overpowering emotion that I felt. AThank you for your tremendous love--I know you are all part of my healing process, and I felt that so deeply today.

The chemo went quicker. My blood looked good--they check each week before administering the chemo to make sure that your platelets are good, and that your white blood cell count are good. Otherwise,, they won't give you the chemo.Spence came and visited me while I was on the IV. Kathy made sure that everything was ready for me to start, and then she went shopping and out to lunch with Kelsey--a fun time for both of them. Kelsey picked me up, and then I took a very long and refreshing 2-hour nap when I got home. I have "eaten" dinner with my family, and now we girls are going to watch a movie. I feel well (no effects yet), but I mostly just feel so thankful for my wonderful experience during radiation. Much love to you all, Louise


  1. Wow...that is so powerful. What a gift. Can't wait to be with you Sunday...

  2. I LOVE this post.. We ARE there with you.. so glad you can feel it. I am happy too that Kathy (and then Laura) are there with you.. so very important. I hope to make it out there soon as well.. Big giant hug, Sue

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience.
    As I read it (and got teary), I felt a taste of how loved you are -- and not just by all of us humans!