Friday, September 3, 2010

TRULY Wonderful Surprises!

I love surprises...and today I got VERY surprised. We were home tonight, just watching a movie, when the doorbell rang. We had been "doorbell ditched." Someone wonderful, and we'll probably never know who, left us a darling "get well" balloon and a beautiful chocolate cake that said we love you. How fun was that! WE have no idea who did it, but we want to thank whoever it was that did such a thoughtful thing. The great thing about it is that we will suspect everyone now...and just be reminded again of how terrific you all are. :)

The next surprise happened almost at the same time. Kelsey, who had been shopping, drove up just as the doorbell ditchers pulled away. She turned off the car lights, and was just parked on the other side of our street. She came out of the car to make sure everything was all right. Actually, she came over to get us back into the house so she could make HER surprise--which was our daughter, EMily. She had actually been shopping...and gone to the airport! What a total shock for us--I have missed Emily so much, because I haven't seen her since we got this diagnosis. I feel like the luckiest person on earth tonight--and ever so grateful AGAIN for my incredible children. I am so thankful for family!! :)


  1. Yeah EMILY! And for the 'mystery' people..the chocolate cake sounds yummy... Let's all keep that love and support coming.... Wanted you to know that Gabs is not even RIDING tomorrow so that we spend the day devoted to sending good energy to you. That's HUGE!! Big hug as always, Love, Sue

  2. Hey Louise, Yesterday was very special and I was so glad to be in our ward testimony meeting. We all Love you so much and what another great blessing to see Emily. All my love,