Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting Hydrated On Monday

Hey everyone! I am changing up my routine this morning. Yes, it is Monday, and I did radiation and met with the radiation oncologist, but I didn't work out. When I met with Joyce, my nurse, I told her how light-headed and low-energy I had been this weekend...and she thought maybe I was just not getting hydrated enough. So, I'm back up in the chemo room, getting an IV to help me get hydrated. She really thought that could be my problem. I had a rougher weekend this weekend--I still am not having problems with nausea, although I do take some anti-nausea medicine, when I get feeling a little flu-like (just not feeling up to snuff). But when I was at church, I would find that I could only stand for a couple of minutes, then I would get light-headed. I thought it had to do with the chemo (and it still might), but the nurse felt like I needed more fluids in here I am. I have always been a big water drinker, but obviously I am not taking enough into my body. So I will probably be on an IV 3 times a week, to help me with that. I am grateful that someone had this idea--I think it will help me.

My friend, Debbie Meany, from California, came yesterday, and is with me for this whole week. She is reading in the chemo chair right next to mine (there is no one else in here for treatment) so we're going to just hang out here more this week. :) I loved being at Church, because I saw so many people that I love. However, I just have felt pretty wiped out this weekend. We're into week 5, and with some extra hydration, hopefully things will continue to go well. Love to you all, louise


  1. DRINK UP my friend!!!! Gulp gulp gulp!

  2. Hope the extra fluids helped today Louise. I miss you!

  3. I hate to drink plain water...always have. But - if you have to you have to! Sounds like they are taking good care of you and giving you the liquid you need. I loved the pictures of your family - your son and daughter in law - they look like they belong. That's the greatest part about having your children get married - you get extra children (and grandchildren) in the process. What a blessing! I hope you are having a good night - and hopefully you'll feel even better tomorrow. :) Love, Janet