Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Better Saturday

Well, I have had my first technical error on this blog. I wrote a post, thought I had published it, but it's gone. Today went well--so much better than last Saturday. I rested and took it easy, but didn't feel nauseous. That was wonderful! I had a hard time sleeping last night, just worrying that this Saturday would be like last Saturday--I wasted a lot of time worrying!

We had such a nice day, enjoying Emily being here. What a great blessing it is to have her here. Again, we want to thank all who are joining us in fasting, praying and sending good thoughts. All of it means so much, and you all will be blessed for the goodness of your hearts. Have a good Sunday. Much love always, Louise and Spence


  1. Hi Louis! I wonder if you read these comments? I'm glad your Saturday was a good one.. you are bound to have a few bumpy days but I think the best is to take one day at a time and see what it serves up... I'm fasting as we speak, the sun is out and it is gorgeous here. Big hug. Love, Sue

  2. Webe, I am totally with you in thought, prayer and fast today. BTW, my colleague/ friend Jeannie is fasting for you today, too, and is putting you on the prayer list at the Newport temple. I told her you may already be on it b/c you have so many people in so many places who love and are praying for you!!
    Love you so much, Deb XOXO

  3. Hey Sue, I read EVERY comment. I am always checking on here to see if anyone has said comments mean a lot to me. We knew you would be one of the first to start fasting, and that made us feel good. Also, tell Gabs thanks for the sacrifices she is making today to support me. I love you all!

  4. Louise:
    We have broken the fast.. we had a really good day thinking about you and talking about you. I also went on a very very long walk/run with Noah which is MY spiritual outlet. It centers me. Funny, how a 'humble' walk is probably the best way to get is like meditation... Have a GREAT time visiting with Laura and Emily. I'm TOTALLY jealous.. Love, Sue

  5. Dear Louise -- I'm grateful to be fasting and thinking about you today! Love, Suzy

    P.S. Loved seeing your last post. What a terrific gift to have Emily home right now, and to even have her coming be a surprise!