Monday, September 13, 2010

A Normal Monday

OK--this should be a quick post. It is late, and I am tired, but I have had a good day. I did radiation and worked out today.I'm not kidding-- I am working out more than I have in many years. See, maybe this really IS a good thing. :)

My BYU college roommate, Suzy Jensen, flew in today from California. She is such a sweetheart, and it is wonderful to have her here. We had some fun visitors tonight--Dave and Becky Allen, our cousins, and very close friends--Becky even sang for us (for any of you who know her, you know that is a real treat). It was just so good to visit with them. Also some of our friends from the stake, the Allred family, came over with all sorts of fun movies to watch and CDs to listen to. I am going to be entertained for the next 20 years!! They brought chocolate chip cookies--it is my goal to eat chocolate chip cookies again!! It was just a very nice evening.

I met with the radiologist oncologist today. Because my chest pain and back pain is almost completely gone, she is extremely pleased and said that was great! I am being blessed immensely. I just keep waiting for my hair to fall out--and almost wish it would, just so I wouldn't worry about it happening anymore. Tomorrow I'll post some REALLY cute wig pictures!! Have a good day tomorrow. Love you, Louise


  1. Hi Louise,
    Sorry I haven't commented recently..sort of been on the run with the beginning of school, competitions, etc. LOVE the fact that the chest and back pain is almost gone. YEAH!!!!! And don't worry about the hair.. if it goes, that's ok. If it doesn't, that is even better! Big hug, Love Sue

  2. Louise,

    I was excited to hear that your chest and back pain is gone. That has to be really good news. Hang in there, you are doing so great! It sounds like you have an amazing amount of support. You are loved so much :)


  3. So fun to be with you and to meet Suzy. She is a sweetheart. We love being with you and Spence and your terrific children. Your upbeat attitude makes everyone around you feel comfortable and good about themselves. Love, Becky

  4. Webe, a few hours ago I wrote a long comment but when I went to post it, nothing would happen. I wasn't sure when I just went to open this again whether there would be several of the same post (since I kept pushing the post button) or whether there wouldn't be any comment from me. Unfortunately, the latter was the case!! Arrrgggg, technology is great when it works!!
    I'll try to rewrite what I had hoped to post when I am fresher tomorrow!! Love you loads, Deb
    PS. I am thrilled and encouraged that your pain has subsided so much!! Yeah!!