Sunday, April 7, 2013

My reflections on General Conference

So here is the entry I wrote for Facebook, and I also wanted to put it on my if you've read it twice, I'm sorry about that.
Ok, I am trying to write something for the first time as an update of my status on Facebook. However, today has been a terrible day with trying to make computers work, so I don’t have much hope that this will work. However, I would like to write about General Conference, the time twice a year when our Church leaders give us counsel and inspired talks. I LOVE conference, and always feel validated a...nd encouraged to keep trying to live the Gospel. I want to share what an apostle of the Lord said—his name is L. Tom Perry, and he talked about the commandments. He said that much of the world has become so secular, that they basically ignore or break most of the 10 commandments. He said that there are 4 that they still try to keep—not to lie, not to steal, not to murder, and to honor your parents. However he said that there is a lot of breaking of other commandments, like the law of chastity (which means no sexual relationships outside of the bounds of marriage between a man and a woman), keeping of the Sabbath day holy (he said so many people have just made it a day of recreation, instead of worship), idol worship (where people idolize movie stars or athletes, and set them up as examples that we should follow and emulate), and profanity (where so many people take the Lord’s name in vain.) I really appreciated what he said, and wanted to share it—I think we need to all evaluate how we do in keeping those 10 commandments, and make resolutions to do better at striving to be obedient to them. He said that as we are obedient, we will draw closer to our Father in Heaven, and His perfect Son, Jesus Christ. I truly felt like he was teaching us what we need to do to become more Christ-like. I am so thankful I could watch all of Conference—it was totally awesome! I am so grateful for this weekend--too bad it only comes twice a year!! I could use the uplift a whole lot more times than that!! :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Long time--no write!

Dear Readers (if there are any more of you out there), WOW--it's been so long since I wrote. It took a letter from a friend of my sisters to remind me that I hadn't written in so long. I guess keeping my journal keeps me busy enough...and things haven't changed much here, so I don't write as often. It's pathetic that you write more when things are going badly, and when things are going better, you don't write much at all.

It is spring in Phoenix, which means that our days are getting warmer...and warmer. I am thankful that we don't have the cold winters like so many places do. I don't enjoy spring as much as I should here, because I anticipate it getting hot again, and don't just enjoy the beautiful spring days.

I am feeling well, basically, most of the time. :) That isn't the most definite of statements, is it?
 I am thankful that I have energy. I have been doing physical therapy for my bad shoulder (a slightly torn rotator cuff), and that has made it get so much better. I have almost total range of my shoulder now, and that is awesome. I am looking forward to swimming more this summer. I still work out at the cancer center, and that is still an awesome place to work out. I love the people who work out there, and I love the "trainers," who work with us.

The best news we have in our family right now is that our daughter, Katie, is expecting a baby girl! We are so excited. We have 3 adorable and fun grandsons, but we are so excited that we get a granddaughter too. :) HOORAY! Katie has gone through 2 miscarriages, and is now 16 weeks along...and we just keep hoping and praying that all will be well with this pregnancy. So far, so good!

I keep busy with doing Church work in the children's organization of our church. It is called Primary, and it is fabulous working with the different wards (units) in our stake. I love getting to know people better around the stake, and seeing the great things they do with their children. I just like being their cheerleader--because I am so impressed with all they do to teach their children the Gospel.

My children and other grandchildren are doing pretty well. Spence just went to Utah a couple of weekends ago because we have a nephew who just left on his mission to England. Spence loved being with our children, Emily and Michael, and their cute little boy, SJ, who is such a fun boy. Spence and he have quite the relationship. :) A few weeks before that, our son, Brian, came to visit for a few days. That was a lot of fun, especially for our 15-year-old son, Brady. Brady is playing basketball, and enjoying that. Kelsey is about to finish up her semester at BYU--kind of a stressful time for her,  but she's almost done with another semester. Katie and Cody graduate from Utah State at the beginning of May--a great accomplishment for both of them. WE are so proud of them. :)

Well, that's about it from here. One of the interesting events of the past few weeks was when I went to the funeral of one of my sister's friends' husbands--did you catch that relationship? I had known her friend when we were all in high school. I met up with some people who had known me in high school--as they were younger and I was older at that time, they had known me better than I had remembered them. It was just so interesting to be with them, and to hear their remembrances...and to realize that we are making an impact (either for good or bad) even when we aren't aware. It is amazing how the things we say and do can affect people in big ways. It was just pretty mind boggling to me. :) Well, I hope that I will write again sooner than two months, like this last time. Anyway, happy spring to you all!