Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick Late Post by Louise

Yes, it IS late, but when all you do is lay in different positions or sit in different positions, and sleep...sometimes you don't have to go to bed as early as you might think. I decided today that when I was awake, I would do something more than change positions on my bed, or sleep on my side or my back. Today I actually read almost a whole book--it was just a fun, easy read, but I was proud of myself for accomplishing that. I also made some phone calls--by the end I was sounding pretty raspy. That is probably because I, who have always thought I was this great water drinker, actually drink very few and very small sips of water. One of my great accomplishments of the past few days is to drink cranberry juice and fruit juice. That is a MAJOR accomplishment for me. (some days my progress is pathetically small!) I also did an interesting type of exercise today. One of the things I had to give up doing this last week was working out with my "personal trainer" at the cancer gym. (at least that's what I call that whole regime!:)) So I took my pole (feeding pole)into the front entranceway, and manuervered that pole back and forth along the entranceway--THAT was my exercise! I am anxious these days for a change of scenery--ANYTHING differnt. So last night I took my pole (It is like attached to me!), and went out on our trampoline and just laid there. Being able to look at the sky and the palm trees was just super refreshing to me.'s simple pleasures!

Good news--I have only 5 more days of radiation and one more day of chemo. I have decided that I am battling the cancer enemy, and if I must sacrifice my hair, it will all be worth it. However, we still aren't sure what is happening with my hair. They say it comes out in clumps, and I just am not sure of the definition of clumps. It is thinning and hair comes out. We haven't quite gotten to the "I'm going to shave everything off" stage yet.

One more of even better news. Kelsey made chocolate chip cookies tonight, and I got to taste some cookie dough...without the chips! Talk about heaven. :) Well, on that happy note, have a great Friday...and I need your powerful thoughts and prayers coming this way this weekend. I want to feel well enough to enjoy General Conference with my family. :)I LOVE General Conference, and the chance to listen to our Church leaders. Love to all, Louise


  1. Hi, Webe!! Sounds like you are back to your (relatively) energized) Thursday night self!! I can just see you on that trampoline!! Soon some medical study will call it STELLAR therapy! ;) I only wish they'd give you credit for discovering it!! ;D it's hard to believe I was with you last week for you Friday treatment. It sounds like you are doing better, or at least you are determined to keep working out with your pole. Have you tried "Dancing with the Poles" yet? Or you could take your pole outside and have "Dancing with the Stars" in your own backyard!!
    Love you so much, always, Deb

  2. Louise, I can picture you on the trampoline just enjoying the scenery of your backyard. Jake loved your trampoline too.
    We continue to pray for you from across the US in Georgia.

  3. So many nice things about this post Louise ... but maybe best of all was reading about your heavenly taste of cookie dough!
    I will be praying for a wonderful General Conference weekend for you and your family.

  4. Rejoice with those who eat cookie dough! The gospel according to Webe! I'm on it!

  5. We'll be praying for you too. One memory I always associate with General Conference is when the Nauvoo Temple was announced and you had fallen asleep for that part.

  6. Wow..cookie dough.. that's a real milestone!!! Love the trampoline story too.. think I'll do that..We have a HUGE trampoline looking out across the fact--even though its dark, Gabs and several friends are out there RIGHT now jumping away! Spent the day in Paris shopping and getting my hair cut/coloured so I'm a NEW woman! Would love to talk soon.. let me know when is a good time for you. Big hug as always, Love, Sue

  7. Louise, you might not loose all your hair. I did not. It stopped growing and was thinner, but I was blessed that way for some reason.

  8. Hey Gal, you know the nice thing is, hair grows back, in the beginning you will have a new pixie style, I wore that one years ago and boy, was it easy to style, I looked good in it when i was thin, but now to chubby.....I did
    like it on me. I thought Sandy Hicks looked great with that pixie look as
    her hair grew back.
    Yes, of course, your in my daily thoughts and prayers. I saw Spence in
    Temple with Kent and Kelly thurs.....he is still looking strong, I missed
    seeing you with him that day. I so much enjoyed the session with Kelly, she looked so beautiful and calm, did so well.

    Chaz and I will go to the "Trunk or Treat" tonight with his grandson, so
    this should be a fun nite with 7 year old. Maybe take a few photos and
    post if nobody else does it, then you can see the kids at fun.

    Later gal, take care,