Thursday, November 12, 2015

Blessings in the Fall

Last night I was really having trouble sleeping. It was one of those nights when your mind just races, and you can't do anything to calm yourself. It was then that I "wrote" (in my mind) my blog entry. I felt deeply grateful and wanted to give the credit to my Savior, Jesus Christ. Health has always been something I have kind of taken for granted--I just never was sick. Then 5 years ago I got cancer--we got through that, and now we have been facing some more health challenges as a couple. (It still always surprises me). I have felt richly blessed by the Savior, and wanted to pay tribute to Him tonight. I also want to share my thanks for the tremendous amount of people, both family and friends, who have been an incredible support for us. SO this is what happened. About 10 days ago we were going to the doctor's for Spence to have a colonoscopy. I started getting some cramps and pains in my abdomen. This has happened before to me--we have had it checked out, and nothing could be shown to be we just take some advil and wait for a few hours...and the pain passes. Well, this time that did not happen. The pain came and wouldn't go away. We went to the doctor, who ordered a cat scan, but the pain continued. Finally, Spence said that we couldn't wait for the cat scan--that we needed to go into the emergency room, and find out exactly what was wrong. It turned out that I had a twisted bowel, and the possibility was good that it could have cut off blood to my intestine, and have a fatal effect on me. I cannot describe in words how grateful I am to Spence, for listening to the Spirit and being guided by our Father--so that my life was spared. Now I know that sounds pretty dramatic, but I KNOW that Spence was guided on that decision...and I am thankful to be married to a man who takes his relationship with his Heavenly Father seriously. I had emergency surgery on Thursday, Nov. 5th, and got out of the hospital on the 10th. I am actually doing pretty well, but I just felt like I should share this--and bear my witness of the power of prayer, of our need to be in tune with our Father's spirit...and also to keep ourselves ready at all times to be worthy of His guidance. I truly felt like I was preserved. I also felt such a kinship with my Savior last night. I know that He has suffered for all our afflictions, and our sicknesses and our sins.I felt so deeply of His love, and for His incredible compassion for me. I just felt so loved--and have felt that in the days since the surgery. It is amazing how much He has suffered to be a Savior and Redeemer for all--that is love that is impossible to comprehend...but still we can be thankful that He loves each of us so deeply. And that's all I know today--thanks to any and all of you who have helped, loved, prayed and supported. I am thankful for the many people who help to carry my burdens--you are gifts from a loving Father.