Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's About Time!

Dear Readers (and I know there is at least ONE reader!),
Well, it has been 6 months since I have written anything in my blog--no excuses, except that I just didn't do it. However, my sister has a good friend who sent me a Christmas card, and asked me why I hadn't written in so long. SO...for that friend and her continued interest, I will write in here.

Much has happened in 6 months. One of our daughters, Emily, has moved from Utah to Arizona with her husband and son. We are thrilled to have them here--it is especially fun to have a grandson here to play with and to have come visit. They lived with us for about 2 months, and now are in their own home. Her husband has a new job here in Scottsdale, and we are just very happy to have them here.

Another daughter, Katie, has had a baby. In fact, she was born on Friday the 13th of September, so yesterday was her official 3 month birthday...and it landed on Friday the 13th also! She is a darling baby--our first granddaughter, and so she is getting spoiled...and has all kinds of people who want to dress her up in cute little-girl clothes. We just went to Utah last weekend, for her baby blessing, and that was a wonderful event. She had one of the prettiest blessing dresses I have ever seen! She is very pretty (of course, I am totally biased), and has a lot of personality, just like her mom. We are all enjoying her, although we wished we lived we could see her more often.

The whole family came here for Thanksgiving...that was lots of fun, and at times, kind of wild and chaotic. But our kids really enjoy being together, so that makes it worth it all. They love to play games, and they laugh a lot. It is fun to watch them enjoy each other--sometimes when they are younger, you wonder if they ever will like each other...and then they do! It's awesome!

I am NOT ready at all for Christmas, and am struggling to get things done. With Thanksgiving being so late, it has been hard to get caught up. Christmas cards is one of the biggest projects we do at Christmas, so we keep plugging away on those. If I could do it the way I really would like to, I would sit by the Christmas tree, and watch the lights, listen to Christmas music, go to Christmas plays and watch Christmas movies...and not worry about any of this other stuff. I would also drink some really yummy hot chocolate--like the kind that my son-in-law, Cody, likes so much!! :) Well, on that note, I'm going to add a couple of pictures...and wish you all (or at least my friend, Carol) a very merry Christmas. I'll try to keep up better on my blog in the new year. Have a great Christmas!! :)
OK--here is my son, Brian, and my son-in-law, Michael, duking it out after family pictures! There aren't too many serious moments when we're all together!
Here is our cute new granddaughter, Brooklyn, with her beautiful mother, Katie--aren't they something else?  Next entry will have more pictures!! :)