Monday, September 20, 2010

OK--so here are some more pictures of my family. Keri is married to Brian, our son, and Logan is their sweet, cute baby. We are all BIG fans of his! :) Michael who is in this picture with me, is married to our Emily. They have been married for almost a year--he is wonderful and very good to me. I love my family!

Just a quick update--since you already heard from me today. I was at the chemo center till after 2:00, getting rehydrated. They actually put 3 liters of solution into me...and I have felt full ever since. I think that is a good thing--hopefully, it is going to help me feel more like myself again. Debbie and I had a good time together--working on my laptop, reading, and just talking. My family was a little worried since they couldn't get a hold of me for several hours. But I amd doing well...and hopefully tomorrow will feel up to working out again. See you tomorrow, Louise

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  1. Oh Louisa, you handle these ups and downs so're the "bomb" as John Hunter would say! Have fun with Debbie...two California girls hanging out together!
    Love you,