Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I love to see the Temple...

The children in our church sing a wonderful song about going to the temple...and how they look forward to going there...someday. It is one of my favorite songs, and it kept going through my head tonight as I WAS in the temple. It was such a peaceful and wonderful experience to be there--helped me feel peaceful and calm and thankful for the blessings I enjoy there. I went with Spence and my roommate, Suzy Jensen...and we all just had a really nice time. I know I promised you pictures of us in wigs...but this was more important to me tonight. ( I promise pictures will be coming)

We got to spend some time today with my sister-in-law, Chris, and her daughter, Melanie. When you are with them, you mostly just laugh...and it is totally delightful. We had the best time ever. They are both so crazy and fun. When I download my pictures, I'll post some, and you might even get a picture of how much fun we had-- however, some things just can't be captured in pictures. :)

One other thing we discovered today was when Melanie was looking at my 2010 journal. Yes, I am a journal keeper, and the very first entry of 2010 read like this. I just thought you might find it interesting, as we look back now on that time. It said, "I have a perpetual sore throat that doesn't always hurt, but does a lot of the time. I have had problems lately with swallowing. I still have this pain in my chest, which doesn't go away. Hopefully, I'm just over-reacting, and there is nothing wrong with me. They probably won't find anything wrong--it could just all be in my head!!" That was written on Jan. 1st, of this year. It is amazing to look back and read that. Anyway, those are just some random thoughts I have tonight. One trivia thing--we went for Mexican food after the temple, and I ate several chips and guacamole! That was totally awesome! Just to keep me humble, though, I got to come home and eat some more instant breakfast. Yum, yum! Have good days--love you, Louise


  1. I just got caught up on your blog posts--from the beginning.

    Yay for chips and guac. And the Temple!

    Can't wait to see some more wig pics. I guess the upside to a wig is that you never have to "do" your hair!

    All of us Rasmussens sure do love you.
    Puff for Cancer!

  2. So glad to hear that there are many things improving and to be encouraged about. Hang in there, Louise. Like Angie said, we Rasmussens sure love you.

  3. Wow.. chips and guacomole. That's great. As well as yummy. Keep being upbeat. I am sending every ounce of positive energy your way. Will think about you tomorrow for your chemo.
    Big hug

  4. That's great you scored some Mexican food! Now you can go on. =) Stay Strong.

  5. Even in the midst of your troubles, you enjoy the happy snatches of time with people you are still the Louise we all love and admire...even more so. Bless you!