Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If You've got to Rise, You Might as Well SHINE!!

I love that saying--learned it at girls' camp years ago, and it is so true. Thanks to my sister for writing yesterday. Yes, it truly was my first pedicure, and it was fun to go with my sister and girls--the company was the best part. If you notice in the flip-flop picture, I have the very same sandals as my girls--original, huh?

Tonight I was in the mood to be a recluse. So when the doorbell rang, I was all ready to just hide for the evening. HOwever, it was our very fun neighbors, Chris and Tenley Oberhaus, who always make me laugh. So instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself because my sister left today, we sat around and laughed. They are way crazy and fun...and it was good to have them here. Chris told me that if I had been feeling all sorry for myself, he was going to leave in 90 at least they stayed longer than that. I must have passed the "pity" test!

It WAS hard to have my sister leave. We had so much fun she is such an organizer and helps me get things done. She is definitely a "do-er!" She would do my hair every day...and that was wonderful. I'll try to post a picture of how great she would make me look. She met much of my cancer "team" and got to hear from my radiologist oncologist today. That was a positive meeting. The doctor was VERY pleased that I wasn't having my check or back pain. It's been almost 10 days since I took any pain medication--and that is so encouraging. The doctor felt quite sure that there has to be some shrinkage with the tumor since I am not feeling that pain. WOOHOO--that is definitely something to celebrate!!

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