Sunday, September 5, 2010

A special Fast

This has been a pretty humbling day for me. To think of so many people including me in their fasting and prayers today is just amazing. I know there is strength in fasting, but there is also strength in combining our faith and love.

Let me tell you about my experiences in Church. Today I left a little bit early and felt badly about that (I don't like to miss any of church), but I was feeling a little nauseated and very tired. When I got home, my sister, Laura, was here--what a wonderful thing. Emily brought me home so the 3 of us just talked for a while--it was so nice.

But back to Church--the first Sunday of each month is Fast Sunday for us. we fast for 2 meals, and we try to always fast for a purpose. We have a testimony meeting where different members of our congregations (ward) share their feelings about the Gospel and Jesus Christ and about the Church. My very close friend (for many years), Chad Cherrington, shared some very tender feelings about me...and about this trial and about some of the spiritual experiences he's had with us. It touched me so much, and I felt inspired to also bear my testimony. I really do know that our Father in Heaven loves each of us-and that His love is often shown through the love of others. Throughout this whole experience, I have felt deeply of His love and concern, because of the love and concern of so many people. We don't ask for trials or adversity, but we can really see the hand of the Lord, guiding and helping us through through His other children.i I wish I could express my feelings better, but I hope you all know how much I appreciate all that you do for me. Happy Labor Day to you all! Love, Louise


  1. Weezy, I loved your testimony today. When you said that we feel the closest to our Heavenly Father when we go through trial, I wanted to stand up and shout "Amen, Weezy!". Tuesday was Stake RS Temple day and a few of us went. We missed you. Afterwards Glorianne and I were writing names for the temple rolls and I looked up and asked her if she had just put your name down. She said yes and we talked about how everyone is stuffing the temple roll with your name. You have to be being prayed for at every session all day for weeks. I love you, Weezy, and appreciate what a great friend you have always been to me. Love you, Lindy Lou

  2. Dear Louise:
    I'm sorry you were a bit tired yesterday. Hope today goes better. Yes, it was very awesome that so many people gathered around for you yesterday. Have a great visit with Laura.

  3. Sister Louise
    You are the ROCK. I am proud to be your brother in the gospel. HF loves you and will take good care of you. We love you too. My diagnosis frightened me until I prayed. HF knows what is best for me and my family and so I put my treatment in HIS hands. You have great kids. I love Emily like she is my own. She is your reflection. Hang tough. We love you.

    Brother B

  4. So glad you had a wonderful day :) Lots of love-

  5. There is such power in Fasting and Prayer. Christ has said that some things do not "come out except through Fasting and Prayer." This is on my bucket list to talk with the Man when I see him...What exactly is the connection with Fasting to prayer. How does that work...It's on the list, along with a couple of other things.