Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Make someone Happy

It is Wednesday afternoon, and I need to write before I get too tired to write. Today you would have thought that I didn't know how to use this feeding tube. A friend stopped by, and while we were talking, I realized that I didn't have my feeding tube attached to the pump at all. It was just filling up the top plug...and not giving me any nourishment at all. That's the way to fill up without getting full at all! Another time I went to pour some formula into the bag, not realizing that the top was closed on the bag--I wasn't pouring it into the bag at all, just into the top. Sometimes it seems like all the chemo, radiation and tumors have gone directly to my brain! You'd think I would know what I was doing by now.

Because I am using this kangaroo pump (a continuous pump), I am getting more hydrated. I've even enjoyed fruit punch and cranberry juice in the last couple of days-LOVE getting some more flavors into my body!

I had an experience in the chemo waiting room today. About a million years ago, our family watched the King Family Show. Do any of you remember that? They were a big family (I think they were Mormon), and they had a variety show...and did a lot of singing and performing. The original 4 sisters used to sing a song, "Make Someone Happy," and the words went something like this--"Make some one happy, make just one someone happy--then you'll be happy too." I always grew, dreaming of singing some time (never happened), but I loved that show. Today when we came to the waiting room, it was pretty full. There was an 88-year-old woman in there, named Betty, who just couldn't stop crying. She was with her daughter and husband...and she was obviously very upset about her diagnosis. Her daughter kept apologizing for her, but my friend, who brought me, and I got her to talk to us...and by the end of our time in there, she seemed to be feeling a lot better. It was fun to be part of brightening someone's day a "make someone happy...and you will be happy too." Love to all of you, who make me or someone else happy. You are blessing lives in your very own little way.(and remember--the little things really ARE the big things!) Love always, Louise


  1. Louise-I TOTALLY agree. A long time ago I realized that my days were full of thinking about doing nice things for people but not always doing them.. So I promised myself to do a few of the 'nice things' every day. I do believe the more you give, the more you get. (You are living proof). So, do you want to know what my first nice thing today was? I saved 2 wandering English bulldogs..they were SOOO adorable and so happy I 'saved' them--and when I found the owner, she was so happy too! So I am off to a good start today making 'somebody happy'. BTW, we need to make sure that we make OURSELVES happy too!!! Anyway, don't worry about the feeding tube. sounds like me in the kitchen every day! Big hug. Love, Sue

  2. I think you are VERY GOOD at making people happy. =)

  3. Louise, you are quite amazing - and, I am sure, the brightest light in the chemo room. Thanks for influencing all of us who know you - for good. Your smile, optimism, & faith.

    We love you.
    Jeff Price

    PS: Saturday is National LiveStrong Day - we are big fans. Wear yellow!
    PSS: Have you discovered "Sonic Drive-in ice?" You can buy it by the bag for $1.50. JD loved it during chemo

  4. Louise,

    It is just like you to be so kind and cheer someone up. You are the friendliest and happiest person I know!