Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Night

Sometimes I hit the publish post button a little too quick--obviously that happened with the Monday News post...since it has absolutely NO Monday news. It has been a better day...except for the fact that I washed my hair, and lost so much hair, that it looks like permanent hair loss is going to happen. My daughters, Katie and Kelsey both mourned with me--as much as I knew it was a possibility, I kept hoping that it wouldn't happen. It's not totally FOR SURE, but it's looking not good for a full head of hair. It's Halloween time, however, and so the possibility of wigs is pretty endless. Maybe we should take advantage of that. :)I know hair is just hair...but STILL...
I did better today. I am on anti-nausea medicine round the clock. I am still on my continuous pump, I got hydrated today...and I spent the afternoon and the evening in the family room, so I felt a little more a part of things.That is about all from here. It was fun to hear the responses about the wonderful gift our Primary children gave to me yesterday as a remembrance of their program. :) Happpy Tuesday to you all!!


  1. Don't worry about the hair Louise! You are gorgeous no matter what. And thank goodness for WIGS!! Getting into the family room is a great idea...being part of the normal energy of life. Can you read? Or is that too tiring? What about things like knitting..? Maybe its time for some kind of calming project? Anyway, like I told you, my very first thing I do every day is to open this site and find out how you are doing.. having this blog is really a stroke of brilliance. A giant hug.. I hope Tuesday is a good one. Love you. And sending you a giant virtual hug. Sue

  2. For those of you who don't know and who read these comments, Susan is my younger sister. Isn't she the best about commenting nearly daily on whatever has been written? I don't publically express my thanks nearly enough...but thanks a ton, Sue, for your your encouragement and for your support. You are really awesome!! Love you, Louise