Friday, February 13, 2015

Some Thoughts for the New Year

Well, it is now the middle of February...and the last time I wrote was in December--so much for writing more in my blog. I have been inspired this week by the story of Stefanie Nielsen. She is the mother who was burned like over 80% of her body in a plane crash...and it is the story of her recovery and painful coming back to a very different style of life. She had 4 children at the time of the crash. It is heart wrenching to read of the tremendous pain she went through...and the very difficult task of trying to recover just basic skills. I haven't finished the book, but the thing that has touched me the most is her realization that there was purpose in her having this experience and that she was to share her journey with others. She has kept a blog for years, and it has been the source of inspiring MANY others. It made me realize that there is a purpose for all of us in this life...and that as we go through difficulties and personal adversity, that as we learn from those things, we can be a light to others to help them through their own personal challenges. It made me think of the great blessing that I received to be healed of cancer and to continue living. I need to be more grateful--I also need to realize that for whatever reason Heavenly Father spared my life--I need to be reminded of that often, and seek to know what He would have me do for Him to repay Him for His amazing mercy to me. How can I best serve Him? Who do I need to reach out to to bless the lives of others? It is pretty humbling to think of all I need to do to thank Him for sparing my life, and allowing me to be here with my family and many dear friends. I am able to serve in the Church, and spend time, hopefully helping others along their life paths. I am able to work out, and go on walks...and make cookies with my grandchildren. I am able to laugh and have fun...and have tender, spiritual experiences as well. Maybe we all can take a little time today, and ponder our purposes here on earth--whom we can bless, whose lives we can touch...and ponder the great gift of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and how we can best follow Him. I am thankful for this new day, and for new days every day that give me a chance to try again, to be better, and to love more deeply. I am thankful for countless people, whose faith has been a beacon for me...and whose love carries me through, when life seems too hard. Happy Day to all of us!