Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I had the great privilege of joining Louise for a few days in her third week of treatment. Lucky me, I got a chance to play with Emily who had surprised her mom, Kelsey, Brady, Jodie, and Spence and they all had an extra day off for Labor Day. These pictures are from the nail salon for one of many of Louise's firsts: her first pedicure. I'm not sure she loved the massage chair, but she loved the scale removal from under the feet. How fun to be in on the trip with Emily and Kelsey!

Louise is amazing during this new adventure--her attitude is consistently upbeat, she laughs a ton, she sleeps a ton (no change there), and she's even eating a bit. Tonight, she thought the avocado was particularly yummy. And for the last two days she's downed 3 carnation drinks (1650 calories...oh ya!). So, I think she's doing great. I hate to leave tomorrow, but I WILL BE BACK....


  1. Great pictures! I'm so glad to hear you are eating avocados again Louise.

  2. So fun....your first pedicure?????? So glad your sister talked you into one - they are heavenly :) Such cute pictures - I'm so glad you are having fun during your you, Janet