Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Feeling Better--HOORAY!

Today has been a good day. I have felt well, I have been able to work out, I have had 2 naps (note--that is one more than my sister, Kathy, has had), and I've even gotten some things done. It is wonderful to feel better--I know it probably won't last, but it's been nice. I have also found that I am getting a ton of service that I probably don't deserve...but we are thankful for it. My sister and a friend from our ward have done ironing for me. WOW--Spence says he's never seen so much of our ironing done. :) I also haven't done cooking for a while--I am getting spoiled. I guess there IS compensation for having cancer. You are all making my life easy for me. Thanks so much. :)I feel like a bum. However, I do have some opportunities that the rest of you don't have--I get to lie under a moving machine every morning that zaps me with radiation from all different angles. That zapping machine is going to make me better. I also get to work out with other people who have heroically met the challenge of cancer, and are working to beat it. The people who give me radiation are becoming my friends--they are positive and encouraging, and I am thankful for their daily cheerleading. They even oohed and aahed over the family pictures that I brought to show them this morning. That scores big in my book!

Well,take care of yourselves, and know that you are loved. Our Father in Heaven loves all of us...and He hurts when we hurt. I am thankful to know that I am His daughter, and that He knows the things I am dealing with. Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I'm glad it was a good day yesterday! And yes, you have many cheerleaders on your team. Everyone loves Louise!!
    Love, Becky

  2. Hurray for a good day! I hope you have a lot more of those. :)

  3. Loved reading this Louise! I'm so happy you are having another good day. Love, Suzy

  4. Webe, it was so great to catch up with you today!! I don't know how I missed this yesterday!! I'm so glad you had a better couple of days!! Stock up on those to get through the tougher ones!!! You sound like you are doing amazingly well under such circumstances! Just make sure your upper lip doesn't get too stiff! :) You can relax it and let us give you some TLC too!! Love you so much, Deb
    PS save a freezer for me to defrost or maybe you'd like your sheets ironed! ;) Seriously, they feel sooo soft that way! XOXO

  5. Spence, Yes Of Course, I will keep your sweet wife in my prayers, for sure.

    Louise, yes, you are so lucky to have such a wonderful family, God has
    truly blessed you in so many ways. I remember when we were all a lot
    younger (before my husband "Big Lou" passed in 1991), and the kids
    were all lined up on the row of seats with you and Spence......Lou and
    I often would sit directly behind you and the kids. I have to smile now,
    because I wondered how you did it, and watched you doing it all these
    years. Well, I finally figured it out, tee and Spence trusted in the Lord's assistance, were always patient, kind, tender, and
    loving, always considerate and willing to listen to the issues and hear
    with your hearts and trusted in the soft voice you two could hear. God
    love you both and bless you both and your sweet family. Now gal, you
    asked me to call you to maybe do some ironing, well when the kids all
    get too busy to do it all.........give me a call, I did call but you were out. your blogging, go girl go!
    Lots of Love,
    Peggy D'Amato (Chaz says hello too)