Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend News

I am going to go "back in time" not far to when my older sister, Kathy, came to visit. She was here about a week ago. Brady, our 13-year-old, is peeking between our heads. He is a fun kid--very typical 13-year-old, but has such a positive attitude. He is a "can do" kind of kid. OK--now I really know I don't get this blog thing very well--that first sentence was about the first picture...but now the second picture might be the first. WOW--this cancer thing IS getting to my brain. Anyway, the picture with me in the middle is with 2 of my kids, Brian and katie. Brian lives in Redding, CA (way northern California), and that cute boy on the side bar is his son, Logan. (we think he's about the cutest grandchild ever!). Katie goes to school in Logan, Utah, and is a junior. Logan is north of Salt Lake, for those of you not familiar with Utah. Anyway, if my pictures are far away from these explanations, I really can't help. My niece, Melanie, who set this up, is the only one clever enough to know just how to post things. When you leave it up to novices, you get what you pay for!!

It is Sunday night--and yes, I know it's too late to be posting something...but Spence needed the computer, and he's so good to let me use it 99% of the time, that I had to let him have his turn. Weekends are my most exhausted times. I feel better on Sunday afternoons, but I am pretty wiped out on Saturdays. I guess the effects of the chemo hit me that day...or maybe it's the total result of the radiation--whatever it is, I am pretty tired. I also don't feel like eating at all on the weekend--even the feeding tube makes me feel kind of full and bloated. That is not good when I get weighed on Monday, because if I have lost weight, I am in trouble. (WOW--what a concept--to be in trouble for LOSING weight) I just have no desire for anything--cookie dough doesn't even sound good (you know things are bad when I don't want cookie dough.:))

I went to all of Church today, and it was great. My daughter, KElsey, spoke in her Young Women's group, and did such a good job. I was very proud, and very thankful I could be there. I wanted to be there so much, and know that that was one of the Lord's "tender mercies" that I had enough energy to enjoy that.Kelsey is such a sweetheart, and is always so helpful and caring--what a blessing she is to me!

Spence's parents came over last night. They have been in California since my diagnosis. It was so nice to spend some time with them. They even brought in Chipotle for our family--I got to eat dark chocolate Ensure. Lucky me!! :) Anyway, that's about it for today--I will never be able to express or show how grateful I am for all of you, and for you love and good wishes and prayers. You are simply the BEST!! Have a good Monday--we're into round 4! Love you, Louise


  1. ROUND 4!!!!!! You are cruisin! (From my point of view huh.) The post about your kids and Grandson was great. What neat kids you have. I am so happy for you! =D

  2. Paige,
    I love the fact that you comment so often. :)I feel like I've "reconnected" with fun that is!! Have a great day. It would be so great if I could see YOUR family some day. Have a good one!! Love you, Louise

  3. I have a friend who is getting chemo on Thursdays right now, too (after surgery for colon cancer--boo.) Friday nights and Saturdays are his worst days too. I know they use different stuff for different kinds of cancer, but at least you know your reaction is sort of "normal"--at least for two of your. He has a great attitude like you do. Keep up the positive muddling through. We love you.

  4. I can't believe you are starting round four right now...Hope Roxy and the Zappers dial you in right today! I'm so glad I can imagine your as you lie in that room with the linear accelerator! Crazy high tech treatment. May it do its miracle today! Love you!