Friday, September 10, 2010

Picture Labels

Just in case you don't know my family very well--I will explain who these pictures are of (in my last post). I tried to figure out how to edit the post, but then kept losing instead of screaming at the computer, and having my own fit...I just thought I would add a little note. (I am not technologically savvy!) The first picture is of me with my 3 girls--this is the weekend Emily came to surprise me. From left to right is Kelsey, then Emily and then Jodie. They are great girls, and I love them all. Katie is not with me, but she is quick to remind me that she is my favorite! :)

The one below, of course, is of me with Spence. He is the greatest, and I love him very much. I am super blessed to have a great family. Have a great day! Love you, Louise


  1. I'm glad you did that because I don't know your kids. What an amazing and beautiful family you have. How many of the kids are married? Looks like you have a Grandson!

  2. To the Price Family, I found your blog and I am so glad that you are documenting your inspiring journey. We have been thinking and praying about your family ever since we heard the news. I know Louise is a fighter with a great attitude and contagious smile. You are such a wonderful wife and mother and I have always looked up to you. I am so grateful that you have such a wonderful family and support system surrounding you. We sure love you and send all of our love and hugs. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. We love you!
    Carrie Hazar

  3. LOVE LOVE the pics!!!! Everyone is so pretty!!! (even Spence!) I absolutely adore this blog and sseriously log onto it (almost) before my email!! Lol.. For someone glued to the computer 24/7,. that's a big deal. So happy things are going well.. YES!!!
    Big hug
    Love, Sue

  4. Louise,

    I have loved seeing your pictures. I notice you added a cute one on the side. Must be your grandson. He is adorable. Keep up your amazing attitude!