Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Monday

Well, that might be a little bit of a misnomer, inasmuch as my family all left today--the ones who live out of town. But we had a wonderful weekend together--we totally surprised Spence, which is a huge feat!! I will post pictures--probably some of Kelsey's since they are really good. We really planned for all of this to come off, and it DID!! Spence didn't suspect a thing, and was totally blown away when the whole family stood on our front door step, and yelled SURPRISE! :) It was the best. My kids really seem to love being together, and it is fun to see them have such a good time together. We have our one oh-so-cute grandson, who entertains us non-stop...and makes us all happy. We are so thankful for our Logan Boy!

We had time to laugh and talk and play games--we even had time for a car accident. Our car got rear ended, which took a few hours out of Saturday afternoon, but no one got hurt. However, Emily (our daughter), her husband, Michael, and our daughter-in-law, Keri, all were in that car--and felt the pains of it for the rest of the weekend. We hope they all will be feeling better soon. We played games and just had fun together.

It is a miracle that I could make this weekend. On Thursday I was so sick and so out of it--couldn't stop sleeping and felt you know from some of our last posts. However, they did diagnose my sickness right, and got me medicine that has actually helped. I am so thankful. It was touch and go on Friday morning as to whether or not I would have to go to the hospital. I really didn't want to, with everyone coming into town. I think lots of prayers went up at that time, and I was so blessed to feel better and to be able to stay home. At night, when I got tired I would just put myself to bed...and let the kids keep enjoying themselves. I got the sleep I needed, and they were able to "play" like they wanted to. I do have many things to be thankful for on this Monday, especially for a great family. They not only were way fun to have around, they helped me so much with dishes, clean-up, etc. They are the greatest! Have a good day--thanks for all YOUR good thoughts also. :)


  1. How wonderful that you enjoyed a great weekend with your family! Now, get lots of sleep and enjoy the wonderful memories.

  2. I am so glad you were able to feel well for your fun weekend. A car accident on top of everything else you have been dealing with? It sounds like there is never a dull moment at the Price house. Take good care of yourself this week!


  3. There is nothing that makes a mother's heart more happy than having all of her children together even for a weekend. I am glad your mother heart had a lovely time.


  4. Webe, I am so happy you were able to pull this off for Spence for his birthday, but also so happy all your kids could be together to see you! I am sure it was a special time for them not only to be together as siblings, but to be together as your children, regardless of their ages. Talk about creating memories, this will be one that stands out for a long, long time! Gosh, what I would have given to have seen Spence's face when they all stood at the door! He can be so Mr. Organizer, so he must have been flabbergasted, especially given how bad you had been feeling! I just keep chuckling while remembering when we were at the Piper Center and you were emailing Brian or one of the kids to scheme something for the party. We talked about whether Spence might have been able to intercept the email from his computer at work! Then you immediately switched to texting only to do your secret planning! So clever! There you were getting chemo and planning his party!!! You are incredible, my dear friend!
    I am so glad to hear they have now given you the right meds to get rid of that nasty bug you had. Okay, already, it's time for some reprieve!
    Hope you have a good and restful week. Love, Deb XOXOX

  5. Louisa,
    I can imaginie Spence's face when he saw everyone!! You're amazing,...I wouldn't be able to pull that kind of event off with my "normal" good did it from your sick bed...go Louise!! Have a great week reliving all the happy moments.
    Love you,

  6. You do have sweet kids and they are alot of fun too! You must have done something good in raising them!!!
    Love, Becky

  7. I echo what Christina said - what a great gift to give Spence on his 60th birthday. Lucky's such a joy to see that your children love to be together (whether you are there or not!)....I'm so so glad you are feeling better....

    Love you, Janet

  8. Wow..go Louise. So amazing you did that party..and I bet Spence was INCREDIBLY touched. How FUN to have all the kids there.. Big hug, Sue