Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sleepy Morning

I had a crazy start to today. I wrapped myself up in this darling fleece blanket that my sister and her family made for me, and just was dead asleep. Spence woke me up to give me medicine, but then I was dead asleep again. I woke up 1/2 hour later, and went right back to sleep. It was like I was drugged. When I woke up at 9:15, I really wondered what was wrong with me. My sister, Laura, who is pretty practical, just said, "It looks like your body just needs some rest today." So I went with that--took it easy this morning, and was able to work out and walk the dog this afternoon. So I guess she was right--I just needed to listen to my body, and sleep when I needed to. (Do you ever think I'll get these simple lessons down?!)

I did get a phone call from Diane who works with Dr. Donovan, our cancer doctor. The tests show that I DON'T have that C-Dif infection that I had, and that is great news!!

Tomorrow morning I have a cat scan. I am a little nervous about what it might show. I don't think we'll have any results for a while. It's always that fear of the unknown, plus the waiting that just gets to you. I need to be as positive as my son, Brady, who is very sure that I'll be just fine. He's a good one to have around! Well, that's just about it for today--have a happy Thursday. Love to all, Louise


  1. Dear Louise:
    That is GREAT news you don't have that definitely didn't need that! The cat-scan will be fine.. I'm with Brady...I am confident everything will absolutely be fine. Just so sorry that the healing process has been such a bumpy road. But listen to your little sister (s)!!!! If your body needs sleep, then SLEEP!!!! I am always telling my girls that sleep is the GREAT healer!!!!! Big hug, Sue

  2. Louisa -- So glad to hear the C-Dif is gone! Also, so glad to hear about your restful morning. Whenever you write that you have let yourself take it easy or sleep, I think, "this is wise!"
    I pray you'll have a good, peaceful day and that all will go well with your cat scan.
    Love, Sussa