Friday, November 12, 2010

A step at a time...

Thursday was a quiet day, but I didn't sleep as much. I worked out for a few minutes at the Piper Center--I'm taking it really slowly these days, but I am doing something. I even cooked dinner for our family--a real milestone, so I am doing a little more each day. :) My infection seems to be getting better each day...that helps me have more energy also. I even drove myself over to work out--I guess each of those "accomplishments" are steps on my road to recovery.

I wanted to share with you a picture of our cute Logan, our grandson. He looks like he is about to pray in this picture--he's pretty cute!

I am hoping we can go over for a few minutes of our high school football game tonight--first game of the play-offs. It's all a matter of how much energy I have--so we'll see how I do today. Have a great Friday.


  1. Wow! Cooking, driving, exercise and now possibly a football game!! You really are stepping up your activity! Instead of one step of the time, it sounds like great strides at a time. I know you are one determined lady! It's great to hear you are gaining strength, but don't over do it!!
    BTW for SOME non-LDS, it might lthink it looks more like Logan is about to say "NO" with his arms crossed that way!! Don't worry, even this "dry Mormon" recognized he was about to say his prayers!! ;)
    Have a great day!! Love you, Deb

  2. CUTE Logan!!! These grandbabies keep us from being too serious and make everything fresh again!
    Fixing dinner is great! There is some life after chemo and I'm so happy you are improving.
    Love, Becky

  3. Oh.. he is so incredibly cute!! Well, I'm back in the game.. my computer broke AGAIN (3rd time in the last 4 months.. each with a different computer!) which is why I've been a bit silent. And then last night the electricity went off the WHOLE night and the men in their little trucks were zooming up and down our country lane all night. But tonight I'm back with computer all fixed AND electricity!! Sounds like this week has been up and down for you but I am very very positive that you are going in the right direction. Think of you constantly. BIG GIANT HUG!!! Sue

  4. Isn't it wonderful that you are discovering the joy of doing the little things in life. Things you have taken for granted or have not enjoyed, now have become dear experiences.