Saturday, November 6, 2010

Simple Saturday

My life isn't too exciting these days. I am trying to do a little more each day. Last night Spence, Brady, and I went to see the movie, "Secretariat," and we loved it. However, even sitting for nearly 2 hours made me really get restless. I was glad to get home where I could stretch out and be more comfortable. I just can't be out away from home for too long.

Today we went to the baptism of this darling Hawaiian girl in our ward--then we went to the "luau," that they held for her afterwards. It was a really nice thing to do. As soon as I got in their house, I found a place on the couch, and just planted myself there. In big groups like that, I just find somewhere to sit, and let others come and talk to me. It works out, and people are very nice to not just leave me alone. :)

I did some jobs around the house today--little jobs, but I hope they help in a little way. Kelsey and Brady are so good about helping out here, I felt like it was MY turn to do something to help them. Brady and I are both starting to get colds, so I hope we can get over them soon. Poor Spence--Saturdays are really busy days for him, with all he has to do around a bunch of errands for me. Tomorrow is Sunday, and I am looking forward to going to Church again.


  1. Oh, Louise, my laryngitis last week turned into more than that. I hope I didn't pass this on to you. Mine isn't exactly a cold and I wasn't really close to Brady...but I am sick if I gave you your cold. Sorry, sorry--take Zicam. It helps.

  2. HI Louise.. I just realized that I think some of my 'comments' never got posted..? Not sure why.. Anyway, I'm glad that you are able to do a few more things.. don't worry about getting restless in the movie.. I don't think I can sit still for 2 hours either! I hope your weekend is turning out to be a good one. Love, Sue