Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello from Scottsdale

This has been a pretty normal Tuesday--normal for when I'm feeling well. I went to hydration--amazing difference from last Thursday when I needed hydration so desperately. I actually stayed awake all during hydration. I've done some crocheting today, and some reading, and went for a walk with my dog--so it's been a pretty good day all in all.

I spent a lot of time today working on getting ready to vote--nothing like leaving it to the last moment. Spence delivered our early ballots.

I am still feeling better--don't know how things will go in my roller coaster recovery, but am thankful things are on an upswing right now. I am still thankful for this medicine that I'm on for the C-Dif--glad it's working. Well, that's it for today. Have a good Wednesday.


  1. Thank God for a normal Tuesday! Let's pray for a normal Wednesday!

  2. What are you crocheting? And I'm glad you were feeling well enough to vote. Many people would let that slide in a similar condition.
    Love you, Becky

  3. You sound good! Keep it up Louise! =)

  4. Learning to enjoy a simple day is an important lesson for our lives. I am grateful for every quiet day without anything major happening.