Saturday, October 30, 2010

Better News

I am so sorry to leave you hanging...even for a day. Things have gotten much better. I'm sorry--we seem to be taking you on a roller coaster ride. Spence went with me to the doctor's on Thursday, determined to find out answers, and determined to get me feeling better. The doctor said they were going to treat me for a condition called C-Dif (short for some long medical name), which can cause diarrhea. They wouldn't know for 3 days if I had it, but then they also did some blood work on me which showed that I did have it, so the medicine was right. I have felt much better--haven't slept 24/7, had energy, etc. So I just wanted to let you all know that I am doing better--thank heavens.

Then, the best part of all was that I didn't have to go to the hospital--and all our kids arrived here to spend the weekend with us and celebrate Spence's 60th birthday today. So glad I'm feeling better so I can take part in the festivities! :) Things are looking brighter, for sure--hopefully it can last.


  1. Louise, Paige just told me why I have not been about to see any new posts from you. I have been looking at each week and only find your first post. She was wondering why I had not posted anything and then taught me how to look on the right side.
    It has been emotional reading through everything! I want you to know you are in our every prayer!

  2. Good Mom! You figured it out. (It's fun to teach your Mom stuff. It makes me feel smart.) ; D

  3. I am breathing a sigh of relief! I am so glad you are doing better. Happy birthday to Spence and enjoy your family:)


  4. Yay!!!!!!!! And Happy Birthday to Spence! How nice to have your family together for the big event!

  5. Pheeeeew! I was so concerned after the last news! But once again Wonder Webe kicks those nasty bugs!!! I know how much you were anticipating Spence's big birthday, so I am especially happy you were feeling better!! I hope Spence got my birthday messages through some of your kids' FB walls. I was going to post it 60 times, but was afraid your kids might "unfriend" me! ;P ( Yes, that is now a verb!) Here's wishing you a wonderful Sunday and precious times spent with your kids before the out of town ones have to leave. Love you, Deb XOXO

  6. It was soooooo great seeing you tonight at the Trunk or Treat!!! I have been so worried about you. I got to see your grandbaby too. He's a cutie. Take care and I hope you continue to do better. Love, Lindy Lou

  7. Happy Birthday to Spence and that all of your children are in town. We are in Utah this weekend with the whole Durham family celebrating the life of my grandpa Hatch.

  8. It was so heart-warming to see you at church, today. Thank you for the hug, though I am concerned I may hug you too tight. I am glad you are doing better. I am sure it is a big lift to have your beautiful family surrounding you - including your adorable grandson - what a cutie. Happy Big Birthday to Spence, also. It is great that everyone was able to come surprise him. I hope you will post, when you have time, pictures of the family gathering, and tell us of how you surprised Spence. I would love to know the story. So grateful that you feel better. You continue to be in our every prayer. Much love to you, always - Tamara, Steve, and Tahlea

  9. Hi Spence, just read your post and CDI or Clostridium difficile.....yes can
    be very serious, I've been there, done that one also. I think you should
    go to "Wikipedia" and check it out. I think I did see Louise today in
    church, so hopefully she is better and gut flora is stable. If your reading
    this gal, know your always in my thoughts and prayers..........Chaz and
    I will be leaving to spend a month in Sedona on the golf course, looking
    forward to maybe trading our home for that one, will see......sooooo if
    you do not hear from me much it is because we are leaving the emailing behind and everything else for a while to "chill out".

    Oh, and Happy 60th Spence, I have my 69th in Apr., we're all getting up there aren't we.