Thursday, November 25, 2010

Very very thankful Thanksgiving Day

What a great Thanksgiving this has been. Thank you all so much for all your comments. It is amazing to have this many people rejoicing with us. I think this morning the impact of last night's news hit me more...and made me very emotional, and so very thankful--thankful for each one of you who cares so much, for every person in my family, and just for the goodness of my Father in Heaven. I feel overwhelmed by His goodness to me.

There were just so many good parts of this day--first of all, I felt better than I did a few days ago when I was struggling with my third bout with this C-Dif. We were out in our neighborhood and talked with some of our neighbors. Their genuine joy at our news was so very touching. I feel so loved in this neighborhood, and my neighbors have become such dear friends to us.

Then we spent about 3 hours at Spence's sister's house, and had just the most delightful time there. Spensce's sister, Barbara Anderson, gave the blessing on the food, and it was such a sweet, thoughtful prayer. The dinner LOOKED delicious, and everyone said that it was--I got little bites of roll, mashed potatoes and chocolate pie. I was tired and laid on the couch for a while...but everyone else was in there, and we had such a good time visiting. It was one of the most pleasant Thanksgiving dinners ever. I DID eat some turkey when I got home--so I ate more than usual today. (I'm wondering if the fact that we found out that there is no tumor has made me more able to swallow things--at least I didn't have problems that way today).

We got to talk with both Emily and Brian tonight too--so it was like spending time with all our children. WE missed having them here, and feel so very thankful for them and their families.

Then tonight we watched one of my favorite Christmas movies, "It's a Wonderful Life." I love the message of that movie--that every life touches so many others, and we mean so much to so many. That's how I feel about all of you tonight--I even got a comment from a friend of my sister's--so there are a lot more people out there who we don't know who it would be nice to know. :)A big thanks to all of you for your love.


  1. Hey Louise. I'm so glad your Thanksgiving was great!!!! Yeah.. I think the WORLD was celebrating with you yesterday. I posted the news on Facebook and absolutely everyone commented on it. So great. I wanted to call but figured you were busy. do let me know when I can call again--at a conveninet time of course. Big giant celebratory hug, Sue

  2. I agree with Sue's comments that everyone was celebrating you! I told my sister's, Deena and Debbie and we cried together. Such a miracle. You are definately loved.

  3. Just got yesterday's news today. I'm soooo happy for you. And for today's news... Don't worry. I ate enough for both of us.