Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It is Tuesday night, and there really isn't too much to tell. Even though I can't swallow practically anything (my 3 staples are water, Gatorade and applesauce--FUN, huh?), I still burp way too much. It is disgusting, and my kids think it's hilarious since I have always told them that burping is rude. With kids, you always have to eat your words, don't you?

Today I went on a walk with my dog--it was hard to dodge all the sprinklers, so we really didn't go that far. Then I worked out for a few minutes at the Piper Center gym. Keith is the guy in charge there (kind of like a personal trainer for all those of us trying to get back into some kind of shape after dealing with chemo and radiation and other fun stuff like that), and he is just the nicest guy ever. One lady in there told me that he even does some of the exercises with her when she's having trouble doing them herself. :) Kelsey goes on quick errands while I'm in there, so she did grocery shopping for me while I worked out. It worked out great.

I also did some reading today. I really thought I would read more while I was recuperating, but for so long I didn't feel like doing anything except sleeping. I am starting to do more now. I've even been doing some things on the computer. Still, I have to admit I get tired of being hooked up to my "tree" (where I get all lovely instant breakfast through my feeding tube). Oh well--I guess it's giving me nourishment and I should be glad about that.

I am going to post a picture of me with my grandson, Logan, at our Church's trunk or treat the night before Halloween. And that's how I'll end it for tonight. Thanks for all your posts today--they were so fun to read.


  1. Louise.. I am so sorry about the swallowing. Have you talked to the doctor about this? Is there anything they can do to help that? I had an ADVENTURE yesterday!! Went on a walk in the Fontainebleau forest (which I believe is one of the biggest forests in Europe, if not the world- and got COMPLETELY lost!! I wandered for hours. But finally made it back ..but am sticking to safer ground next the park around the chateau! We are getting all excited for Chloe's arrival Saturday morning. We will celebrate Thanksgiving Sunday as Thursday is a 'normal' day here... will have lots of friends over. Thanksgiving at my house is FAMOUS and everyone clamors for an invitation!!! I will be sure to give thanks for YOU and your entire family. Big giant, warm hug. Sue

  2. We really take for granted things like swallowing. It sounds like your energy is getting a little better. We love you and thanks for the Birthday wish for Delwyn. You are truly amazing. x0x0x0x Belnaps

  3. You look BEAUTIFUL in this picture Louise. Beautiful!