Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Slight Glitch in the Plans...

Well, here are a few pictures of the day. You need to celebrate every little victory. Sometimes we wait for EVERYTHING to work out right...and then we miss out on celebrations along the way. That's no good. :) Spence brought me the movie, "Pollyanna" (fun stuff!) and Kelsey brought me my favorite flowers, Stargazer Lilies! I just noticed for the first time as I walked into the building this saying. They live those words at the Piper Center each and every day.

What did I tell you about anticipating? Things just never are quite the way you think they're going to be! Every week before I do chemo, they have to run blood tests, to make sure that my white blood count is high enough. Every week they have been just fine to do chemo...except for today. Today my white blood cell count was low. That could mean that they would postpone doing chemo because it might be too hard on my body. However, they consulted with the doctor and went ahead with the chemo. Because of my white blood cell count being lower, they know that I am in a "compromised" position, to fight infection. So, I am now in lock-down hibernation, imposed on MYSELF! (also imposed by a few other key people in my family and some of my most protective cancer helpers at the Center) I can't have visitors or go places, except to the Piper Center. I could feel pretty yucky this weekend, but am praying that I won't feel too badly.

I have had another pretty good day at home. Even though things didn't go quite as planned, we had fun celebrating at chemo and radiation, celebrating the last treatment, we hope, for forever! SO I'm going to include some pictures, and hope they work out. I think you should at least VISIT a cancer center--it is incredible the love and outpouring of genuine concern that you feel there...and it's for everyone. They're all pulling for you! Love to all of you wonderful people!


  1. Dang! I was hoping to get over to see you this next week. Now you're in hiding - I mean isolation. That can not be fun! But keep me posted about that so I can come when you have the "all clear". Take care.

  2. Louise plus hermit. Never thought those two words would go together. But never say never they say... So enjoy the solitude, read a good book (have you read any of Francine Rivers?), watch your sweet movies...hug your cozy pillow. Call your favorite sister (sisters!)... Love and prayers from Cali!

  3. Lizzy is singing a song as I read this, "Oh I love Louise, that mommy, and Santa Claus and mommy. I love Louise. La La. I love bats." Then she put the bat in my face and said, "Am I your father?" 3 year olds are the best.
    We love you. Glad you are finished. I will wait to bring this prize by when we won't contaminate you.

  4. Ever since I went with you on Wednesday, I have been telling people the same thing - everybody should visit the cancer center at least once. I obviously wouldn't wish it on anybody, but it is such an inspirational place full of so many good people. It was nothing like I had anticipated. Louise, you however, were exactly how I anticipated - upbeat, positive, cheerful. I was so impressed how you know everybody's first name. Everybody. That is such a great quality to have - I don't share that quality. Thanks for letting me go with you. I hope that you don't have to go again either, but if you do, I am in.

  5. Louise,

    I am so glad they didn't put off your last treatment. Even though you are in "isolation" I hope you can celebrate. I also hope that you are finished with chemo and radiation forever. Yes, the cancer centers are special places with amazing, courageous people on both sides of the IV bags. I spent many days with my mother at the cancer center in Utah. It was an experience I will never forget. I pray that you will be free and clear when you get your PET scan!!

    Tons of Love,

  6. wonderful that the treatments are over...hoping your weekend goes well
    love, Lea

  7. I too am so glad the treatments are over. I am sure it has been tougher than you have let almost anyone know - and yet you have such a great attitude. I have been in cancer treatment centers - more than I would like - but I know the NICEST people work there. Chad told me all about how you knew everyone's name, their family members names and stories, hmmmm....sounds like the Louise we all know and love. You are an inspiration....HAVE A GREAT RESTFUL WEEKEND!!! Love you, Janet

  8. Louise- I hope it's the last treatment forever too! Hope you feel better soon :)

  9. aunt louise.. you are amazing!! and you are a great example... continue being strong.. me && mitchell love you.
    call me when you want me to come over to give you your new hair cut if you need it!!! :]
    love you lots