Sunday, October 17, 2010

Things are Looking Better

Wow, we've put you through some pretty discouraging blog posts. It's been a tough week, but things are getting better. For one thing my fever has gone down--that has made a huge difference. We think that it is the antibiotic that they put me on that has made that improvement. The nausea has been better too. They have tried a different formula which seem to make me feel more bloated, but we now do it at a lower rate so that seems to help too.

Probably the biggest difference has been prayers--they have been coming stronger than ever. Spence gave me a blessing on Thursday night, and it reallly seemed to help. However, another huge difference has been the care of Spence and my friend, Sharie. She has been here since Wednesday night, and has really helped me through some very tough days. She just lovingly cares for me--I can't describe the loving way she takes care of me. It has been a tremendous blessing. We have been friends since we were 9 years old--and her love shines through every little thing she does. She has been a great help around our house--does so much for each of us, but mostly it is just her gentle way of treating me, and caring for my every need. She is one of God's angels on earth--there is no doubt of that.

I am up more these days. I think it's important to get off of my bed and out of my room--and it's nice to be more a part of things. I am even eating very teeny bites of applesauce...and trying to do more of that. I just can't even tell you how good it has felt to return to the "land of the living." Thanks to all of you--I can't make it through this fight without your love and support and prayers and hope. I am blessed to have such a support system. :) Love to you all, Louise


  1. I am so thankful for Sharie in your life. She is a true gift from God. May next week be a continuned improvement. Love you so much...Lo

  2. Oh...I am sitting here in front of my fireplace with tears rolling down my cheeks. The thought of Sharie helping you with her gentle love absolutely is the most touching thing. Please tell her thank you from me.. I am SO glad you have turned the corner Louise. My prayers and loves and thoughts are constantly being sent your way. I love you, love you, love you. Sue

  3. I am so glad to hear you are doing a tiny bit better. And most of all, I'm grateful that Sharie has been able to be there for you during this especially difficult time. How comforting to you, and to all of us, to know you are receiving her gentle, yet powerful, TLC. I pray that you are able to shake this infection thing and that your body can allow you some relief from the awful effects of treatment to overcome this horrendous disease called cancer. So much love, always, Deb

  4. Such great news about the fever leaving. Sharie is terrific but you know you would do the same for her. You two have a special bond. Prayer works. Love, Becky

  5. So glad to hear you're doing better & being taken care of. Thank goodness for great friends!