Thursday, October 28, 2010

Louise hits another pot hole on the winding road to recovery!

When it is Spence posting you know there must be trouble. Louise is having another one of those down times in her road to recovery. She has some kind of new infection in her body which has left her very miserable. She has had non-stop diahrrea for three days which has left her dehydrated, weak and looking for answers. I took the day off work and we went down to the cancer center to get help. They could tell by looking at her that she was so dehydrated. She spent about 6 hours there getting hydrated. They gave us stronger medication to clear up the diahrrea and another antibiotic to attack the infection they suspect is causing the problem. They won't know until Monday, after the cultures have bloomed, what the infection specifically is. The blood tests they took today will tell them more tomorrow. They do know that her white blood count is pretty high, giving them evidence of infection. The doctor was so concerned that she is giving it 24 hours to see improvement or Louise will have to go into the hospital tomorrow. This can get very serious.

She has spent the last 3 days in bed with zero energy to do much else. It is late right now. She has spent the whole afternoon and evening asleep. She doesn't feel much better but there is improvement in the diahrrea attacks. We are crossing our fingers that the medicine is finally working. Cross your fingers and say your prayers for her. She is learning what being sick is really like. We will let you know how tomorrow unfolds.



  1. oh Spence.. this post absolutely breaks my heart. It's all I can do NOT to get into the car,go to the airport and come see you.. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you... Love, Sue

  2. Thanks for your post Spence -- though I'm really sorry to hear that Louise is going through such a tough time. I hope tomorrow will bring real improvement. My love and prayers are with you Louisa! Love, Suzy

  3. I am so sorry that Louise is having this struggle. I know that she has excellent care from you and her doctors. You all are in my prayers today!


  4. Oh no. I'm so sorry! Tell her we're praying for her and if can do ANYTHING, we'll be right out!

  5. I will continue my prayers for her. Stay strong Louise.

  6. Oh, what a difficult time for Louise and you all. Love and prayers are with you!

  7. I've been wrapped up in progress reports, report cards, and parent teacher conferences and you've been suffering...I'm so sorry that infection has attacked again...wish I could be there to help. Prayers are the only recourse for those of us who love you...
    Love you, friend,