Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hail on Tuesday!

Hi Guys! Pretty soon my days are going to be like today. I was in and out of radiation, and that was all I had. I loved it! (I willl REALLY enjoy the days when I have nothing to go to!) My sister-in-law, Marti Jones, took me today...and it was very nice to be with her. We sat and visited for quite a while afterwards. I loved being with her. I like being able to share with so many people how they do the radiation, etc.--I think it helps people to understand better what I'm going through. I am so thankful they are so interested in it all!
I played the piano today, did some reading--I got this really cool book called Anti-Cancer, and I think I will learn a lot from it. Hopefully I can improve some of my habits...and live a healthier life. Never fear all you who know me too well--I will ALWAYS have several vices!!
I also went somewhere other than the Piper Center--that was a definite YES!! Kelsey and I went to JO-Ann's, and did a little shopping. It felt wonderful to actually drive on the freeway, instead of driving the same old way to Piper! :)
We had the craziest day of weather here in Scottsdale. Arizona can be pretty much the same--dry, hot days, but every now and then nature bursts through with quite the surprising and dramatic weather. Today we got golf ball sized hail really coming down. Then it rained quite a bit, then it hailed some more. We love any change in weather, but this caused quite a bit of damage. That is when it is nice to be safe and sound (or so you think) in your home.

Well, that was my Tuesday. I felt pretty good, I am thankful for the things I could do...and I am so very thankful that I only have 2 more days of therapy. Didn't Spence do a great job last night describing what's going on with me? I have always admired his ability to explain things clearly. :) Love to all, Louise


  1. Hey Louise Rice Price, did you know your name rhymes with Three Blind Mice?

    Louise Rice Price.
    Louise Rice Price.
    She is so fun.
    She is so fun.
    We hope she doesn't go under the knife,
    'Cuz it would certainly limit her wild night life,
    (We've never seen such a crazy housewife!)
    Louise Rice Price
    Louise Rice Price!

    The Obers

  2. Louise:
    Yes, Spence is DEFINITELY an incredibly clear explainer.. I read literally hundreds of notes/messages a week from all over the world and he wins hands down. Yes, while we don't want to dwell on all of that--it was really good to have a medical update from him. You will have to celebrate at the end of the week when you are finished. You were a hero about it--of course, I would never have expected less. We Rice girls--as Dad used to say--are 'something very special'--and we are DEFINITELY fighters!!!
    BTW, the next generation of Rice girls in the French corner are doing very very well.. Gabs is flourishing as is Chloe at Cornell where she continues to be a stellar student. Did you know she wants to be a psychologist? Anyway, let me know by email a good time to call you???LOVE YOU, Sue

  3. YAY for only one more day of treatment after today!!! And YAY for getting to go to JoAnn's!! That alone tells me you were definitely having a better day!! ;) And YAY for a change in scenery!! I know that can really lift your spirits!!! Three cheers for better days to come!!! YAY, YAY, YAY!!! (Can you tell I'm one of your biggest cheerleaders?) ;p Love, Deb

  4. Louise,

    It is good to hear that you had a more "normal" day. I appreciated reading about your status from Spence. You two are so awesome. What a blessing that you have each other! I hope that the rest of the week goes well and you enjoy your much needed break from treatment.

    Lots of love,

  5. I have a prize for you! From your friend Leslie at the LDS book store. Everyone loves you and is worried about you and is thinking about you. I'll bring it to you soon.