Friday, October 15, 2010

Her body is in a state of rebellion

This is Spence again. Louise has been attacked by 33 radiation sessions and 7 chemo therapies. We thought she was going to make it through with just a few bad weekends but her body is now thinking otherwise. She made it through the weekend in isolation until the shots she got on Friday and last Monday brought her white blood cell count up to 3.7 on Tuesday and 7.4 yesterday. But, for some reason, her body has hit the wall. She really felt like she had the flu Monday and Tuesday... very weak and totally exhausted. Her diahrea was worse and her nausea and vomiting also got bad. Then Wednesday night the fevers started. They have been 99.4 to 101.4 with only a few breaks since then.
The doctor thinks it could be an infection of some kind, not necessarily brought on by the chemo, but one that the low wbc couldn't knock out when she was infected. She is as miserable as I have seen her. So they ran several tests on her yesterday (blood tests, lung x-rays, etc.) They hydrated her yesterday and are doing so again today. They are running more tests today. We are meeting with the dietician today to probably change her nutrient formula and slow down the pump. She will also be getting a stronger diahrea medicine that works. We are trying to do all we can to change her quality of life. Right now it is the worst!! We are very thankful that Sharie is here being the nurse and home manager. It is a big job. My second career will definitely be in medicine. I'm finishing up my internship right now. I am specializing in a little bit of everything.

So, if she isn't returning phone calls or emails, you now know why. She is still the loving people-oriented upbeat person who is struggling very hard with her rebellious body which is saying, "Enough is enough!" Keep those prayers coming, specifically that she can endure this latest setback.



  1. I'm so sorry Louise is feeling even worse now that the Chemo is finished. Of course we are praying for you(Louise) and Spence. We love you both and your family.
    I still feel bad that we weren't at your wedding 36 years ago, but you know our Jeni just turned 36. That was a bit of a distraction and bad planning.(Wait, we didn't know how to plan in those days.)
    Love you, Becky

  2. I'm so sorry to hear she is doing so bad. I was glad to read yesterday she thought she would be coming out of isolation. Yuck. We'll keep her in our prayers. Thanks for the update Spence.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you Louise. I hope this set back will be very short and you will be feeling well again soon. Keep fighting!


  4. ugh... I am so incredibly sorry to hear this.. I really hope that it will get better in the next couple of days. Hang in there Louise and Spence. I am SO happy Sharie is there--she would be the perfect one to have around in this kind of situation. I'm thinking of you 24/7. Love you and a giant hug to the whole family..'Aunt' Sue

  5. Five pretty good weeks, two not so good, one super bad week and then it just gets better from there,right? I hope so. I am sorry you are feeling so bad. I thought Sharie was just coming to play. It would have been more fun. What better Mom to have at your side? I know this will be a turning point. Love you, Louise, Nancy

  6. Louise - we love you! (Spence and family, too!) You are in our prayers, daily - hoping your strength returns rapidly. An interesting "life" lesson I have learned is that even though cancer can take away our health and strength for a time, it can't take away "love". So, cancer never truly "wins". I know you are aware of tender mercies, and hope you gain strength by everyone's deep and sincere love for you. It sounds like you are receiving great medical care (especially at home :-) - so, I look forward to your health returning and seeing your beautiful smile, soon. Love, Tamara, Steve, and Tahlea

  7. Hi Louise and Spence,

    I read your update today and my heart goes out to you both, I am also
    under weather a bit running blood pressure o 245/110, in emergency
    twice this week, so may again not show up for sacrament either. I do not
    know if any of my email has gone through or the happy anniversary card I sent, but just in case you never received mail from me, happy anniversary
    again, hope you do get this. My thoughts an prayers 24/7 for you both and your family.
    Luv...................Peggy D'Amato (Rathbun)

  8. Oh gosh, I hadn't seen this update and just figured Webe was enjoying
    Sharie's visit. I am sooooo sorry to hear she is going through such a rough bout. My heart aches for her. But as Tamara said, love trumps cancer, so I am sending loads of love and heartfelt prayer to Webe and the whole family. And lots of gratitude to Sharie for taking care of our dear friend. Love and hugs, Deb