Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Day

I haven't written in here for a couple of days. I have actually felt pretty bad--running a fever and just feeling basically yucky. I go to the doctor today, and hope that he can give me some ideas to feel better. I was running a low-grade temperature, but now it is a little higher in the morning, which has us a little worried. I guess it is frustrating to me to feel like I have no energy and can't do anything. I was hoping that I would just start feeling better as soon as treatments were done. Things are never quite like we expect them.

The good thing is that last night my dear friend, Sharie Johnson, arrived from Salt Lake. She is wonderful to have around--and so comforting and soothing. Together we'll get me better. She's the best medicine I could have. :) So send good thoughts, and we're going to lick this infection thing. Have a great day!


  1. Dear Louise:
    On my new computer after the 'old' one (dating back from JULY!) packed up on me on Tuesday... tell Sharie I said hi.. so glad she is there for you but so sorry you aren't feeling well. Hopefully that will change.. as they say, the 'breakdown before the breakthrough'. I am reading a book all about energy and the importance of magnetic energy so sending an abundance of magnetic POSITIVE energy your way. Love you, Sue

  2. Sorry to hear about the fever and that you have been feeling poorly. I'm so glad Sharie is there -- she IS wonderful medicine!
    Sleep well and feel better.

    (This says it's from "Sharon" because I am in New York at my friend Sharon's home and using her computer)

  3. Hi Louise, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well....I hope it changes soon. Also I'm so glad Sharie is there - please say hello to her for me. You and she have been friends forever - as long as I have known you - she has such a calming personality. She is the best, I know. Hopefully soon you'll be feeling yourself again - having no energy is the pits. Take care and know I am thinking of you, Love, Janet

  4. I miss you and so sorry that you are not feeling well. You are in everyone's prayers - and on the prayer rolls of the Salt Lake Temple, the Jordan River temple, the Oquirra (Okra)Mountain temple, the Draper temple and the Mount Timponogos temple (sorry about the spelling). Hope you are able to get out and about soon - we all need to see your smiling face. Love you, Lindy Lou