Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What is HUGBOT...

WEll, I am ready to turn in my computer badge tonight. I just spent nearly an hour writing a blog entry only to have lost it. I posted pictures and the whole nine yards. I will try an abbreviated one, but if it doesn't work, I may give up for the night.

A hugbot--well, it's this cool thing that my nephew invented for me so he could send me a hug, since he can't give me one in person right now. It is this little person he made (and he sewed it all himself) which has long, spindly arms and a big smile, so he can brighten my day. I am posting a picture of him and then of me holding him (The pictures tend to be a little yellow because we were trying to take pictures without a flash--plus don't worry about me, I definitely look tired!). But he has always been a very cool nephew who is very thoughtful--I am thankful he would do such a nice thing for me. You are the best, Michael--thanks so much!!


  1. Hi Louise – Thanks for persisting in spite of computer frustrations. Your Hugbot is adorable! What a nice nephew you have. Although you feel tired, you look beautiful.
    Keep feeling better. Love, Sussa

  2. The hugbot is so cute and creative! What an awesome nephew you have. You are so loved!


  3. Wow..this is so so sweet.. Hey Louise.. it is really really cold here and so I have been spending a lot of time by the fire wrapped up in the blanket that Mom knitted for me many many years ago.. we call it our magic blanket because it makes all of us so happy including our new kitten who spends all day in it. Its so lovely... like Mom is right there next to me. I love you Louise. Big big giant hug in honor of the hugbot... Sue

  4. I think everyone needs a HUGBOT, but YOU have the original, one and only (for now and until your nephew starts pumping them out!)! How creative and thoughtful!! Hope that HUGBOT is working his magic on you!!
    Love, Deb

  5. I love the Hugbot! Michael's so creative and thoughtful!