Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well, here are those pictures I promised you--you can see the Roxey logo, and then me with the "Zappers." All 3 of them were so awesome, and so supportive, and became my friends. Another cheer for the cancer center!
My entry earlier today was a little bit boring...sorry about that, but you know that's how life is. I've had a pretty good day. I didn't go to church today because of my "isolation order," but I have listened to some conference talks, labeled some pictures...and (wouldn't you guess it)--had a nap!!

My Saturday was all right. It's just about late afternoon that I start feeling a little bit bad. However, I just took an anti-nausea pill so hopefully that will help turn things around.

This week is my kids' fall break. Brady is actually looking forward to going to the cancer center, since he has never been there. I'm glad he can go. I'm going to explain a few things now. A friend thought that Spence and Kelsey did the Congratulations banner...but they didn't. That is something that the Piper Center does on your last day of chemo. They also give you a certificate of achievement that many of the workers there sign. I looked forward to my "graduation day!" Spence and Kelsey did bring me gifts though--a movie and flowers...and I loved those too.

I have an extremely clever friend who designed some t-shirts for the people who did the radiation for me. My sister, Laura, had named the 3 (a girl and 2 guys), Roxey and the Zappers, so my clever friend, Tracy Richards, designed shirts for them. i'm going to post the pictures and let you see how cute they were. I brought them to them on Friday (Roxey has the day off on Thursdays), and then we had to pose in them. Of course, I needed one too. :)That's about all for now--I hope you enjoy the pics!! :)


  1. Webe, it was so GREAT to talk to you today!! You sound good. Believe it or not, it's a relief to know that the week I was there and the following were your worst. It's sort of a benchmark for me. So when I hear that last week, in spite of the isolation orders, was a better week, it makes me think you are on the mend!! I love the pix of Roxey and the Zappets, especially having met them and having watched how they zapped you. I'm so glad you have such a wonderful team working for your recovery on the medical level, and an equally strong team working for you on the faith and prayer level!! You so deserve it!! And I'm sure you have left your dear print on the Piper Center and on the hearts of all those blessed to care for you!! Have a good week next week. Love you loads, Deb

  2. Louise,

    I love the pictures! You make wonderful friends where ever you go. The shirts are so clever. I am hoping and praying that you start to feel better every day!


  3. Love that these tshirts became reality! They deserve the recognition. And you, of course, made it happen! Yea. Should I reveal your native american name to the blog world? I"m feeling another logo in the making....

  4. Laura, you've got me curious. Is she allowed to tell us, Louise?

    The shirts are wonderful! That's a great picture of you with Roxey and the Zappers, Louise. I wish you a good week and lots of white blood cells.

  5. Such cute pictures, Louise, I love the t-shirts. This journal is such a great thing - someday you will look back on it and be so grateful at all you have written down - even during such a difficult time. With the chemo and radiation behind you, you can now enjoy the beautiful fall weather and beginning of the best time of year in AZ! Great timing. I also hope you have a wonderful week - you look terrific!! Love you, Janet

  6. Oops! It's hard to see everything in the tiny little text box on my phone!! I meant to write ZappERs, not ZappETs, but that would have worked if Roxey's team had been all female!! ;) Glad they won't be zapping you anymore! Hugs and kisses, Deb

  7. Love the pictures...such clever t-shirts!! Have a wonderful day with your kids home!

  8. Love the shirts! Wishing you a sunny week!