Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Morning

It is fairly early on Sunday morning. I thought I would write in here for sure yesterday, and I was doing pretty well. Then late afternoon I started feeling kind of yucky...and mostly just slept on and off for the rest of the evening. In fact, Spence had done way too much yardwork, so the two of us were fairly worthless. Thank heavens for Brady, who put together dinner and cleaned it up. He held us together! :)
I may download my pictures later today, but just wanted to do a quick update this morning. I had a few phone calls yesterday, and really enjoyed talking to my sister, Susan, who lives in France. We talked for an HOUR! As I have said before, she has been very attentive to me, and I really appreciate that.

This has been my time to practice saying "yes to no." I have had some phone calls from people who wanted to come see me. Because of my low white blood cell count, I really have to say no...and stay isolated. That is way HARD for me...especially when dear friends came in from out of town and wanted to visit. But I did it, and hope that alll of this isolation will rebuild my immune system. I like to be with people, and I hate to miss out on anything fun! :)So, for now, I'll just say good morning, and hope that you all have a very pleasant and uplifting day. Love you, Louise


  1. Glad you stayed strong in being isolated. Things will be looking up soon! =)

  2. Paige,
    Thanks so much for always commenting--I love that you do that. :) Have a good Sunday evening.

  3. Dear Louise:
    Thanks for the honorary mention! Did we REALLY talk for an hour? I could have gone on and on... so GREAT hearing your voice. Loved every minute, catching up about you and your family.BTW We are totally enjoying the autumn here..the cool mornings, the warm soothing afternoons, the changing colours (GORGEOUS) and that soothing drone of the tractors that I have come to love so much.. Gabs came in 2nd in her competition yesterday. It may be her last on that particular horse as we are 'searching' for what her trainer calls a 'Ferrari'... just hoping against hope it won't have a Ferrari price tag!!!
    Big hug