Monday, August 23, 2010

Beginning of radiation

This will be just a quick post tonight. Spence is going to give you more of the medical details tomorrow, but I know you know that I started radiation today so I wanted to let you know how it all went. Everything went fine. It was quick--about 15 minutes, and really didn't bother me at all. I'm sure that after a while, all of these treatments will get to me, but today it was easy and didn't affect me at all. They lay me on a "bed" (not really--just a place for me to lay my head, and lie down on--then they put a cushion under my knees.) I just laid very still, as they had this machine that would just go at different angles around me, and radiate me several different times. I could tell they were radiating by the buzzing sound, but I felt nothing. Whenever you have to lie very still, of course, your nose itches, or something bothers you because you know you can't move. Spence watched them do the whole procedure. I had a busy day after that, and will take it a little easier tomorrow. That's our latest news.

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