Thursday, August 26, 2010

Watch out for flying boogers!

Hey ya'll Katie here.

First off I would like to thank all of you for the support you have offered my family, and most importantly my mother. Please do not be afraid to keep the emails and phone calls coming.

Things are going really well on the home front. Mom is amazing me at how positive and strong she is being. I know that this strength is a direct response to the hundreds of prayers and good thoughts being sent our way so please keep 'em coming. I know that this cancer is something we can beat as a family.

Today was the first day of chemo and mom took it like all the other more "mature" (old) people in the chemo room, asleep. I had to go to the dentist at 9 to get some work done and when I got to the hospital around 10:15 mom was drowsy from the benadryl and fell right asleep. Then dad arrived and took her home so i could whisk Kelsey to work at the good old DQ.

I was glad that it wasn't too hard on her and she didn't have a reaction to the chemotherapy drugs they administered. I think this was the most dreaded day of the whole process, and I m glad it is done and over with. Now we just need to make sure mom isn't exposed to any sort of sick people so please keep your boogers and other bodily fluids to yourself. Or as the chemo nurse sue said "Watch out for flying boogers!"

We also got some pain medication for the chest pain that my mom has been experiencing and I hope that helps! Now all we need is some chill pills to keep my dad from worrying to much.
However, it really has been amazing to watch my parents support and love each other so much. I am not sure if this has already been recorded, but at the beginning of this journey my father said that after loving someone for as many years as he has loved Louise, you are willing to do anything for that person. I am so glad that my family is an eternal one and they my parents can continue growing and loving each other in this life (for many many more years), and in the life to come!

We have already gone wig shopping and mom looked so funny in some of the wigs we tried one, this one is my favorite! brings us back to her hippie days!!

I have to head back to Utah to start school on Saturday I am not excited to leave but I know that all of you and the Lord will be a good eye on my mom and make sure she eats, the house is clean, she remains cheerful, and wraps her bandages when she showers, oh and most importantly MOM!!! DRINK YOUR ALOE VERA and I know it's gross but I know it will help!

Thanks to all those who have posted puffs!!!

Let me know if i have missed any! Or if more come!

Keep puffing!!!!


  1. Thanks for the update, Katie!! I know your family, especially your mom, appreciates having you there!! Your upbeat (yes, sometimes goofy) personality adds levity to the situation at hand!! Hey, if she slept through chemo, maybe they could just sustain her in a state of sleepiness through this whole ordeal!! And BTW, I love your wig choice! She looks sooo young- just like when we became friends 39 years ago!! Yep, we go back a looooong time! Love you all, Deb. PS Katie, sometime before you leave, give your mom a big hug and tell her it's from me!! ;p <333

  2. Feel free to post your puffs on facebook if you have one, or send me the pictures at ill be happy to throw them on the blog for all to see :) love you all
    Deb: I am glad that i am here too!!! some one needs to make everyone laugh!
    and i will most certianly give web a hug for you!!!

  3. Such a cute post, Katie. I'm sure your mom will miss you when you go back to school....she has so many friends ....her inbox will be full during this whole process. Thanks for keeping us informed....Love, Janet