Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Night

It is Sunday night, and I've been able to go to Church for our full 3-hour block, and also go back this evening for a Christmas broadcast from Salt Lake City, and our leaders there. It is my favorite way to start the Christmas season--I love the music and the talks. At least it gets us off to a good start...and hopefully we can keep that spirit with us, at least for some of the Christmas season.

I am feeling pretty well, but I still get tired. Friday night I didn't go to our high school football game. If I do some fairly major activity during the day, I need to pace I can't go to every activity that I would like to. Sometimes I just want to wrap myself up in a cozy blanket and take it easy...or take a nap! So that's usually what I do! I often have Brady or Kelsey join me during that time, so I'm rarely alone.

Wednesday we meet with the oncologist, so we'll know more of what we're doing in the future...and maybe know more about the surgery.


  1. That sounds good, you being able to go to all 3 hours of the block!!!! It really is a blessing that we so often take for granted to be able to go and do as we please without any hinderance from our health. The Christmas Devotional was perfect, short and sweet with the beauty of music, testimony of Christ, beautiful decorations a bit of humor and even the Grinch! I love that story! Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed your Sabbath! Love, Becky

  2. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you. Glad you got to attend the whole block today. Love you!
    (P.S. My parents were called on a mission--Japan for three years as mission presidents.)

  3. Hey Louise.. that is a major milestone..the whole morning at Church and back again!! Wow... Keep taking it easy though.. your body needs to if you feel like you need to sleep, just SLEEP!!! Big hug, Sue

  4. That's great progress, Webe!!! I think you're making big strides, not just baby steps!!! And when you wrap up to relax, be sure to envelope yourself in the love we all have for you, besides that cozy blanket. :) Have a wonderful week. Love, Deb

  5. Louise, I'm so glad you are feeling better. I just hope it goes forward from here. You have had a tough time and been such a trooper with it all.

  6. If people did not know what you had to go through to get to this point when you got to nap when you wanted, go or stay at well, they would think you had the perfect life. Enjoy all that you can.